The real reasons why you don’t usually see many white mobiles


Liu Fengshuo, President of OnePlus Product Line, reveals the three reasons why there are no more white smartphones on the market.

The recent launch in China of a special edition of the OnePlus 10 Pro baptized as Extreme Edition, which has 512 GB of storage and a ceramic white color, has reopened the debate on why manufacturers do not usually bet on bringing white terminals to the market.

For this reason, today we come to tell you what they are the real reasons why you don’t usually see many white mobiles.

OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition in “Ceramic White” color.

These are the reasons why brands do not manufacture more white terminals

On the occasion of the presentation of the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition, the president of the OnePlus product line, Liu Fengshuo, has shared a post on the Chinese social network Weibo in which he details the real reasons why white smartphones are a rarity these days.

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Thus, the manager of the Asian firm affirms that The reasons why mobile brands do not manufacture more white devices are the following:

  • The manufacturing process of a white terminal is more difficult, as it tests the level of CMF (color, material, finish) of each brand and according to Fengshuo “if there is a slight deviation in the craft, the final effect will be completely different, and the texture will be reduced.”
  • Manufacturing white mobiles is not profitable for smartphone brands, since the cost is higher compared to any other color option. In this sense, Fengshuo gave the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition as an example, for which they needed more than three months of tests to find the perfect white color for this terminal. In the image that we leave you under these lines you can see some of the back covers that were valued for the new flagship of the Chinese firm.
OnePlus 10 Pro EE White Covers

These are some of the white covers that were discarded in the manufacturing process of the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition

  • Finally, the third reason why brands do not bet on white mobiles is that these devices are real magnets for fingerprints and these they are much more noticeable than in terminals of another color. For this reason, according to Fengshuo, when they recovered the white color in the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition they decided to make a smartphone “extremely white that not only had the transparent texture of glass, but also did not lose the warm touch of ceramic”.
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It must be remembered that the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition is the first device of the Chinese brand with a white color variant for four yearsmore specifically from the OnePlus 6 of 2018.

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