The most powerful mobiles, according to AnTuTu, in April 2022


Most powerful phones AnTuTu April 2022

Do you want to know which are the smartphones with the best performance today? If so, today is your lucky day. The list has just been revealed. most powerful phones in April 2022 according to AnTuTu.

The top has some new features. Therefore, it is worth knowing how is the ranking at the beginning of the second quarter of the year. Stay on the web and discover the most powerful smartphones of the moment!

These are the most powerful high-end mobiles in April 2022 according to AnTuTu

Most powerful high-end phones April 2022 according to AnTuTu

in the listing still not showing up BlackShark 5 Pro, the smartphone that blew up AnTuTu with 1126716 points. The shark will most likely be in next month’s ranking.

It also highlights that there is a new leader in the table and that the Redmi K50 Pro with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 is in fourth place in the top. The list of top of the range with more power It remained like this:

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The RedMagic 7 Pro (16 GB + 256 GB) takes the first place

RedMagic 7 Pro first place phones with more power April 2022 AnTuTu

The RedMagic 7 dominated the list of the most powerful mobiles in AnTuTu for March 2022. In April, the Pro model of the flagship takes the crown of the ranking by get a score of 1037315. The RedMagic 7 Pro achieves this thanks to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, its large RAM memory and the cooling system it offers you.

Of course, Nubia must make the most of this mobile if you want compete head-to-head with your rivals to beat in May: the Black Shark 5, 5 RS and 5 Pro.

The iQOO 9 (12 GB + 512 GB) repeats the silver medal

iQOO 9 repeats silver medal

iQOO managed to keep its flagships in second and third place, but the brand has little to celebrate. Why do we say it? Because the score of their mobiles keeps going down. The iQOO 9 reached a result of 1012934 points.

Although it must be admitted that this smartphone and its Pro model they are a bit older than their competition on AnTuTu. Therefore, despite the fact that iQOO no longer dominates the benchmark, the brand has been able to sufficiently optimize its flagships and not disappoint.

iQOO 9 Pro (12 GB + 512 GB): a beast that does not want to leave the podium

iQOO 9 Pro beast that does not want to leave the podium

The top 3 is closed again by the iQOO 9 Pro. mobile is doing very well in the same sections as its younger brotheras both have a latest generation Qualcomm SoC and a design that keeps heat under control.

the iQOO 9 Pro fell to 1011489 pointsbut the smartphone has been a worthy competitor in AnTuTu to date.

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The other high-end phones with better performance in April 2022 are:

  1. Redmi K50 Pro (8 GB + 256 GB) with 994730 points.
  2. Nubia Z40 Pro (12 GB + 256 GB) with 994461 points.
  3. OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition (12 GB + 256 GB) with 988937 points.
  4. Xiaomi 12 Pro (12 GB + 256 GB) with 985373 points.
  5. Realme GT2 Pro (12 GB + 256 GB) with 982460 points.
  6. Motorola Edge X30 (12 GB + 256 GB) with 981526 points.
  7. Redmi K50 Gaming Edition (16 GB + 512 GB) with 970655 points.

The most powerful smartphones in the mid-range in April 2022 according to AnTuTu

Mid-range smartphones with more power April 2022 according to AnTuTu

The top has few changes. This is because no more mid-range processors have been released. Everything indicates that this situation will change when Qualcomm and MediaTek present new chips in this price range.

The most powerful mid-range phones They are:

The iQOO Z5 (8 GB + 256 GB) manages to keep the crown for 6 consecutive months

iQOO Z5 first place most powerful mid-range smartphones in April 2022

The iQOO Z5 continues to surprise on AnTuTu thanks to its Snapdragon 778G and its good hardware. The smartphone gets 571591 points for April and confirms that it is a mobile that has made history in the mid-range benchmarks.

The Honor 60 Pro (12 GB + 256 GB) clings to second place again

Honor 60 Pro clings to second place

The Honor 60 Pro still competes to dominate this price range. The mobile has the latest from Qualcomm for the mid-range and puts all the meat on the grill in the RAM and internal storage section.

However, the Honor 60 Pro still does not break the barrier of 550 thousand points in AnTuTu. So the brand will have to optimize this mobile to the maximum if it wants to dethrone the iQOO Z5 before the mid-range smartphones that will be launched soon reach the top.

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The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G (8 GB + 256 GB) comes back and takes OPPO out of third place

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G traces

The Mi 11 Lite 5G has given a lot to talk about (and not only because of its design), since the mobile has a Snapdragon 780G that performs very well in almost any situation. For this reason, the smartphone hits the table in April and takes the historic OPPO Reno7 5G off the podium.

But the distance between the two mobiles is very smallso Xiaomi cannot be neglected if it wants to keep the Mi 11 Lite 5G among the most powerful smartphones in its range.

the top of the most powerful mid-range smartphones These mobiles close it:

  1. OPPO Reno7 5G (8 GB + 256 GB) with 542652 points.
  2. Realme Q3s (8 GB + 128 GB) with 541839 points.
  3. Honor 60 (8 GB + 128 GB) with 525238 points.
  4. Xiaomi Civic (8 GB + 256 GB) with 524354 points.
  5. Honor 50 Pro (8 GB + 256 GB) with 524042 points.
  6. Honor 50 (12 GB + 256 GB) with 519860 points.
  7. OPPO Reno6 5G (8 GB + 256 GB) with 509354 points.

Those are the most powerful and best performing mobiles in April 2022 according to AnTuTu! There may be many surprises in the coming monthsso remember to keep an eye out for benchmark changes.