The Mighty Miner Card is here, this is the recommendation for the latest Clash Royale deck build


In addition to leveling up cards, games esports Clash Royale also requires players to be able to rotate deck to win every game. Moreover, the opponents you will face have different strategies. So, you have to be smart in concocting strategies.

In addition, you also have to understand the meta that develops every season. Recently, Supercell has added a new Champion card, namely The Mighty Miner. It’s a version card buffered from a regular Miner with hit point which is quite high and damage which increased to 450.

For this card, you only need to spend 2 elixir. Although cheap, this card has the advantage of dropping bombs like Giant Skeletons and changing lanes. Even the presence of The Mighty Miner seems to change the meta deck Clash Royale. In this article, the team will provide build recommendations deck which features The Mighty Miner in it. Here are the recommendations.

1. Royal Giant-Mighty Miner

Cost elixir average: 3.4

This fairly efficient deck is made for players who like to push play on both lanes at once. Hunter will take care of enemy air forces while Mighty Miner can act as tank assassin with damage which increases. In defense, Fisherman is an excellent addition with Logs and Fireball for taking out mobs and dealing damage area.

2. Mega Knight-Prince

Cost elixir average: 4.4

This deck is heavily based on two heavy cards like Mega Knight and Prince which can be a threat if used properly. Mega Knights, as usual, can be a very versatile choice for attack and defense, and damage sparks can be very useful. The Prince, on the other hand, can be paired with the Bomber, which can take down hordes of troops, and the Mighty Miner can defend on another path. Zappies can be very useful as an efficient counter to enemy tanks.

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3. E Giant-Minions

Cost elixir average: 3.6

E-Giant is no stranger to players who try to push directly into the opposing tower. Extremely powerful cards, even more so after the elixir cost reduction, can be very difficult to counter. Plus, support by troops like Minions, Ice Wizards, and Rage. Knight can act as mini tanks with Musketeer as support in defense. While Mighty Miner, can act as tank killer. Royal Delivery can function as swarm killer.4.

4. Mighty Miner-Rascals-Balloon

Cost elixir average: 3.6

This deck relies on Balloons to handle tower damage wide area with Dart Goblins and Heal Spirits appearing from behind. The Poison Spell and Skeleton Barrel can be excellent choices for taking attacks off the Balloon way, while Mighty Miner and Inferno Dragon can switch between attack and defense. When properly placed, Rascals can become counter which is good for most cards and makes the deck tougher.

5. Triple Witch-Double Wizard-PEKKA

Cost elixir average: 3.4

This might be deck strongest on today’s list, deck it can be a formidable mainstay to play with if used properly. PEKKA can lead all attacks and become tank killers, while the Wizzard duo can wipe out opposing troops. The Mother Witch can turn the attacks of enemy swarms against themselves and help The Mighty Miner.