The Messages app drinks the battery of your Android: how to fix it


google messages app drinks the battery

One of the latest updates to the Google Messages app (which comes pre-installed on most Android phones) has brought a pretty serious bug. It causes your mobile to heat up excessively and its battery runs out very quickly. For what is this? Apparently, the error causes the messages application to leave the camera of your mobile active in the background after tapping the attach images button. Luckily, it can already be solved and we will tell you how right away.

Why does the Google Messages app consume so much battery?

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, when you tap the attach an image button in the Google Messages app, a menu opens with a box showing gallery images along with another box shows what your mobile camera is recording at that moment. The latter allows you to take a quick photo and send it to a contact in the messaging app. It is quite a useful option.

The problem is that when you leave the messages application, that option leaves the camera of your mobile on in the background. And as you well know, One of the things that drains your smartphone battery the most is using the camera. This was noticed by a user on Reddit, as the active camera icon appeared on Android 12 after using Google Messages.

How to prevent Google Messages from consuming so much battery?

disable camera permission in google messages app

The definitive solution to this error in the Google messages app will arrive in the coming weeks with an update. Perhaps, by the time you read this, the update that fixes the bug is now available, so go to the Google Play Store to update the application. You just have to let the latest version install and voila: problem solved.

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If there is no update available and the Google Messages app is still consuming a lot of battery on your Android, apply this solution:

  • open the app Setting of your Android.
  • go to Applications.
  • Find the app Posts and select it.
  • Then go to the option permissions.
  • tap on Camera.
  • Choose To reject and confirm the action.

Ready! In this way, the application will not be able to activate the camera of your mobile, so the bug will no longer cause you any problem.