The Last of Us for Android: How to download the APK?


How to download The Last of Us for Android APK

Have you always wanted to get your hands on one of the masterpieces developed by Naughty Dog? Well if you have never been able to access a PS3 or PS4 to be able to play the excellent The Last of Uswe have good news for you.

The Last of Us for Android exists, and it’s free! As you can read, the game that has achieved millions of sales on PS3 and PS4 is available for android mobiles.

Although Sony has not officially released it, an independent developer has gone to the trouble of creating a version for mobile devices which is extremely similar.

How to download The Last of Us for Android?

As it is an edition of the type “Fan Made”the same not available on Google Play Store, why? Because it’s kind of an alternate version.

In other words, it is necessary Download The Last of Us APK and install the game outside of the Google app store, a task that is extremely easy to carry out.

The Last of Us APK Android

The good thing about this version is that it was developed by the same person who produced Spider-Man Miles Morales for Android, What does this mean? That the game has amazing quality.

If you are interested try this version of The Last of Us for Androidall you have to do is download the game in APK format from the link that we leave you at the end of this paragraph.

Link | Download The Last of Us APK

Important! The game is under development

The Last of Us for Android mobiles

As usually happens with this type of game, the people who are in charge of creating it release preliminary versions. In summary, within The Last of Us for Android you can find dozens of errorsperformance issues and many other bugs.

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Also, being in beta state, the game is not overso you will only be able to play the introduction, eliminate the occasional zombie and go around the map with your horse.

How to install this game in APK format on an Android mobile device?

The Last of Us for Android

The installation of The Last of Us on Android is very simple to carry outyou just have to activate the option “Unknown origins” from your phone’s settings and that’s it, you can install the APK without any inconvenience.

It’s more, if you distrust the APK that we have left you above, you can scan it online to see if it has viruses. From now on we clarify that here we only offer you virus-free content (we will never make you download something that infects your phone or tablet).

In case you don’t know how to install such fileswe advise you to take a look at the guide where we explain how to install applications in APK format on Android.

To close the note, we cannot miss the opportunity to inform you that there are more games like this on our website, which one? The glorious Red Dead Redemption 2, which you can download here.


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