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The Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses of Genshin Impact Since 1 Year of Its Release


Behind the great success that has been achieved by Genshin Impact since its debut last year, this is a game that is still viewed with various different impressions, even from among its loyal community. Regardless of what kind of response this game gets, we always admit that Genshin Impact is a quality game with both advantages and fatal disadvantages.

So what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages? In this article, we have divided it evenly which hopefully matches the impressions of fans on the game. Agree or not, all the explanations that we have included here represent my personal opinion after playing Genshin Impact since the first day of its release.


Let’s start with the advantages first, because from the outside, Genshin Impact already looks like a very inviting action RPG game and has always been proven to be successful in bringing in many new players. Its amazing appeal is not only seen from its promotion, because this is indeed a legit game developed with a high budget and production value and continues to develop into a more massive game every time a new update is released.

An increasingly ambitious world story and setting

Genshin Impact's Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses

At the beginning of its release, Genshin Impact only had two large regions, namely Mondstadt and Liyue, but now players can explore new areas such as Dragonspine to the third region, Inazuma. Overall Genshin Impact is divided into seven major regions, so that means we will get more new areas to explore.

Apart from the increasingly massive world setting, the story in the game also automatically gets bigger and allows you to enjoy many different adventures. This is because each region has its own characteristics, such as different enemy variants, different domains, different natural conditions, to different main elements / Vision where your main character can inherit his power. With such a massive content roadmap, it can be guaranteed that Genshin Impact will become a huge open-world RPG game in the next few years.

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Abundant Character Roster

Genshin Impact's Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strongest attractions of Genshin Impact also lies in its abundant character roster. Although there are concerns that miHoYo is more concerned with quantity than quality, each character in the game is proven to have their own unique design, personality and fighting style that make them stand out. In addition, sometimes you will also be presented with special Story Quests and hangout events to get to know each character better.

More New Gameplay Mechanisms

Genshin Impact's Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses

A series of updates that have been released in Genshin Impact also bring new gameplay mechanisms from time to time. Apart from hack and slash gameplay which focuses on character rotation and exploration, players can spend their free time doing various other activities such as fishing, building or decorating houses in the Serenitea Pot, playing songs with Ballads of Breeze musical instruments and many more. We will not be surprised if in the future Genshin Impact players can spend more time on side activities and forget to continue the progress of the story.


Behind the advantages, there are definitely disadvantages, and as we mentioned at the beginning, Genshin Impact also has some that are still very annoying for us.

The sad fate of the players who are left behind

Genshin Impact's Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses

Can you believe that we just finished the Archon Quest in Liyue last month? Yup, that’s right, even though we have reached AR 52, we are among players who are very far behind from the main story content. The reason why we delay continuing the main story is because we want to be able to play the game without significant limitations or a curious cliffhanger. It’s a bit like waiting for a new anime to finish airing instead of having to watch one episode per week.

Unfortunately, our intention had to run aground, because as time went on, we began to feel a big limitation from not continuing the story content. One of the most important is the unavailability of access to various events or additional special story quests, so you inevitably have to continue the progress of the game if you don’t want to be left behind. In addition, there is also the fact that some domains, materials and artifacts are only available in different regions or are available after completing special story missions. At that time, we had several 5-Star characters with good builds, but unfortunately they weren’t maximized because there were special enhancement items that could only be obtained through regions until the new World Boss. The point is that holding back progress is indeed a bad idea, so if you are the type of player who is similar to us, then you should just continue the game to avoid all the limitations that we explained earlier.

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Limitations of the Variation of 3D Models for Characters

Genshin Impact's Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses

One other drawback that makes us quite uncomfortable with Genshin Impact is the variety of 3D character models in the game. We are not talking about the design, but the posture of each character which is considered quite limited. If counted, there are only five 3D model templates for Genshin Impact characters (3 for women and 2 for men). The limited variety of this model makes some characters look identical to each other, even though in reality they have quite different forms from one another.

The best example is Albedo, who even though she is shown as a half-adult and adolescent youth, her posture in the game seems closer to that of a teenager. This of course makes the shape look very different from the one in the promotional artwork. Another example can be seen in the new character Arataki Itto, who looks less muscular than in the promotional artwork, especially the thinner arms. It does seem nitpicky, but the use of identical character model templates makes the characters in Genshin Impact less strong in identity than the story teaser videos and character artwork show. It’s quite unfortunate considering that another game from miHoYo, namely Honkai Impact 3, has a model to a more well-adjusted character design.

Farming Artifacts That Can Be Frustrating

While the last drawback that we want to emphasize is the RNG for farming artifacts. We don’t really mind the time-consuming grinding activity in an RPG, but knowing that there’s a daily Resin limit to RNG that’s so bad in most Domains, making a good build for a single character can be tiring and can even take a long time. This makes those who have many characters, especially those with 5-Star rarity, have to work extra hard in order to maximize the strength of their team. A reason also why some senior players are more concerned with getting new weapons than characters, because they need incentives that are more useful for the team than having to add new members which end up not being used.

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Well, that’s a summary of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of Genshin Impact since one year of its release. Do you agree with our statements above? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comments column below!

Genshin Impact is available for free on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile (Android and iOS). By the way, we also had time to summarize tips to be able to consistently get 5-star characters in Genshin Impact. So make sure to check out the tips for enlightenment before spending your Primogems. Also make sure to monitor the updated progress of the game on the official website HERE.

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