The best alternatives to Lost Ark for Android


Games similar to Lost Ark for Android

Are you sad because you don’t have a computer with good components to play Lost Ark? If your answer is “Yes”we want to tell you that here we are to remove that sadness from your body, how? Offering you alternatives similar to Lost Ark for Android.

Thanks to the fact that hundreds of thousands of high-quality games can be found in the Google Play Store, mobile devices with Android inside them have the peculiarity of being able to access titles very similar to those released on PC and video game consoles.

A clear example of this are the alternatives to Pico Park that have made thousands of players happy, since this popular video game released on PC has several “do you copy” that can be downloaded for free on Android.

Lost Ark, the Amazon game that has trapped millions of players

Why is Lost Ark so popular?

It is important that you do not think that Lost Ark is related to the game ARK: Survival Evolved, since they have nothing to do with each other. This title in question is a online RPG video game full of action and with great similarities to the Diablo saga.

In a nutshell, Lost Ark allows you to create a character, improve their skills, face thousands of enemies and share epic moments with other players online.

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if you wonder how good is Lost Ark? Well let us tell you that it is very good, not for nothing There are already more than 5 million people who have downloaded it on their computers.

The best alternatives to Lost Ark for Android

Before we show you games similar to Lost Ark that you can play on your Android mobile, we must mention that the most similar of all, Immortal Devil, is not yet available for download. Similarly, we recommend that you keep it in mind in the future (when the game is officially released).

Warspear Online, fantasy and action

East is one of the best games of the MMORPG genre that can be found on Android. It currently has a community of more than 1 million users, so you will always find other people to help you defeat the thousands of enemies you will come across along the way.

Warspear Online (MMORPG, RPG)

Angel Stone, surprising gameplay

If you want something a little more futuristic, but just as fun as Lost Arkyou should give Angel Stone a chance, a role-playing video game that will allow you to fight against monsters, demons and other creatures that will test your courage and ability.

Angel Stone RPG

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, incredible graphics and movements

With incredible graphics and movements that seem to have been taken from the movies directed by the great George Lucas, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is without a doubt an RPG type game that you must play on your Android mobile device.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

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Bleach Brave Souls, only for the most experienced

This game has absolutely everything: role, action, multiplayer and amazing graphicsyes, only those people who have experience in the world of RPGs should play it, since it is a title where the learning curve is very steep (quite complicated for those who are new to the genre).

Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game

Soul Hunters, an exquisite narration

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out this fun title that has fallen in love with millions of users in recent years. With a slightly different theme, in Soul Hunters You will have to face dragons, wizards, sorcerers and other creatures They will try to defeat you at all costs.

Soul Hunters

Without much more to add about it, in case you are playing a video game similar to Lost Ark on your Android mobile and we have not put it on the list, you can leave us a comment with the name of the game, We will greatly appreciate it!


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