The best 7 synthesizer applications to create music with your mobile


Develop your musical ear and make the best tracks with effects and original mixes, through the best synth apps to make music with Android.

Music track makers are artists who possess a keen ear and creativity that allows them to mix and incorporate sounds and effects in a harmonic way until obtaining a rhythmic and original result. The apps that we present here help both to develop that skill and to practice from the plane amateur.

Synthesizer apps

Whether you know music or not, these apps will help you create music like a pro

The main tool that DJs and music producers work with is a synthesizer, the equipment in charge of sending electrical signals that result in sounds. Through it, sounds are incorporated, the tempo is adjusted, the bits are modified and other functions with which the desired track will be formed.

A synthesizer can be an expensive piece of equipment that not many can afford. However, several apps have been developed that have emulators to synthesize content. In this space we will tell you what are the best 8 synth apps to create music through your mobile.

Synthesizer apps to create music: the 7 best

  • KORG Kaossilator for Android
  • Caustic 3
  • Roland Zenbeasts
  • sunvox
  • groovepad
  • FL Studio Mobile
  • BandLab
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We present our list of the best synthesizer applications to create music with your mobile. With these applications you will have all the tools to make musical content worthy of a professional DJ no matter where you are.

KORG Kaossilator for Android

A simply wonderful application to create amazing tracks and in a quite way. simple. Just by sliding, tapping or stroking the touch screen of your device you will already be adding sounds to the current track at your will.

In addition, you can incorporate electric, acoustic, drum sounds and mix them together with the 150 sounds that the app has, always with a wide variety of styles including hip-hop, electro, house, techno, EDM… Likewise, its color appreciation allows you to easily see how the notes have been incorporated and sounds.

If you have an incorrect note, you can use the Scale/Key function and it will adjust your track so that it sounds in harmony with up to 35 different scales. It also features a loop sequencer into which you can incorporate up to 5 musical parts.

Caustic 3

With this mobile synthesizer you will have all the tools a DJ table has to offer compressed into one place. You will be able to use the synthesizer model that best suits you thanks to the variety that the app has. And it is that it has up to 14 machines (Subsynth, PCMSynth, BassLine, BeatBox, 8BitSynth, Modular, Organ, vocoder, FMSynth, KSSynth, SawSynth) that guarantees professional work.

You’ll have full access to all the controls on a DJ console to tweak, position, refine, and create original, high-quality tracks that you can listen to and watch without your device screen going blank.

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Roland Zenbeasts

Another great option to generate musical content in the best Roland style in a dynamic and accessible way. It has a extensive library of sounds, loops, and tools to help you expand your musical palette.

You can also search by genre or a global search, among the various sounds within the app are the legendary and characteristic Roland TR-808, TR-909 and TR-707.

This is one very useful app for veterans in music or for those who are starting in this artistic world. An excellent tool of great entertainment and practicality.


This application is described as a compact cross-platform modular synthesizer for creating music, including a tracker (pattern-based sequencer). A great tool for those who want to compose music whenever and wherever they are.

It is linkable to various devices with different CPUs available for free on desktop devices and, for the Android and iOS version, they are among the most serious, deep and economical music applications, acquiring it at $5.99.


Groovepad will provide you an experience worthy of a DJ in a fairly simple way. The first thing you should do is select the musical style you want to work with, among which are House, Dubstep, Hip-hop, EDM, Drum & Bass, Electronic, Trap, and much more.

Then you will be presented with a panel with the various sounds, effects, audios, bits and other tools with which you can start explore and experiment with different mixes until you get the desired track.

FL Studio Mobile

Create and save your music tracks at any time, no matter where you start creating, save your work in the app and continue from any other device. It is a complete app for mix, edit, record or render through the tools that characterize the application.

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To complete this list of synthesizer applications to create music with your mobile, you will find BandLab, being another great option to mix audio, tracks and effects to make quality music. With a simple design to handle that puts at your disposal all the necessary tools.

However, what most characterizes this app is that it also has social networking featureswith which you can meet and stay in touch with other fans, producers or artists who appreciate your musical content.

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