The Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features in BMW will be removed, this is the reason


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – BMW will produce cars globally without the presence of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features. This was done because of the chip crisis that hit the world automotive industry.

Launch page Hindustan Times, the removal of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features comes at a time when a number of other manufacturers have chosen to postpone their production due to the chip crisis. However, BMW is looking to add software-based features at a later date through the delivery of Over the Air (OTA) updates.

BMW believes that some of these technological highlights could be delivered later, possibly around the end of June 2022. Vehicles affected by this feature reduction are known to have been produced in the first four months of 2022, and are intended for sale in the United States, France, Spain, Italy and Globally.

This is the complex nature of the problem that a number of OEMs have to deal with, in various ways to ensure delivery schedules are not too badly affected. Tesla, for example, has sent several units of its electric car without the presence of a USB port.

Then there is Ford, which removes the rear climate control feature in the SUV Explorer. BMW also previously had sent several units of its new car without the presence of a touch screen.

However software-based feature omissions can actually be fixed via OTA updates. While the physical features that are omitted actually make the customer have to come to an authorized dealer or repair shop to complete the missing components.

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