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The 8 best alternatives to Free Fire that you can download on Android


Among the many Battle Royale games that have been launched, one of the most popular in recent years has been Garena Free Fireor commonly known as free fire.

This game pits players against each other in an open world where you can find very useful weapons and accessories to survive the fierce battle. Players will be able to build their own map for PvP, which makes the game offer a unique dynamic.

The 8 best alternatives to Free Fire that you can download on Android

Expand your repertoire of games and get into the adventure and heat of battle with this incredible list of the 8 best alternatives to Free Fire that you can download on Android

However, there are many other titles that present a dynamic similar to Free Fire but with its special characteristics. And it is that this type of video game has managed to acquire a great demand, because they are the best options to spend some leisure time with your friends or players from all over the world and demonstrate your skills and teamwork.

As stated above, as this game genre is quite acclaimed, there have been several releases. Therefore, we have given ourselves the task of compiling what are the games similar to Free Fire Available for Android devices.

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8 best alternatives to Free Fire for Android

  • Creative Destruction
  • Super Mecha Champions
  • Omega Legends
  • Rules Of Survival
  • guns royale
  • Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground
  • Call Of Duty: Mobile
  • brawl stars

With no more time to lose, we present our list of the 8 best alternatives to Free Fire to download on Android.

‎Creative Destruction

This is one of the best games which presents greater similarity with Free Fire, with an animated and artistic representation of great quality. Players will fall from a plane using parachutes on an open map, which has up to 13 locations of interest.

You will have to choose wisely where you will land in order to equip yourself with weapons and artifacts that will help you on the battlefield. In addition, you will be able to build or tear down structures at your whim that will be of great help in the confrontation.

Super Mecha Champions

Step into a futuristic world and survive a battle full of weapons and technology. It is a game in which the avatars move through a futuristic city and face other players on foot or driving a fuse.

perform mecha vs. mecha matchupsman against man or mecha against man, everything is possible in this title of Battle Royal similar to Free Fire which brings the best scenery in manga style by transporting you in landscapes with Japanese-style animation.

Omega Legends

This delivery is adaptable to the gameplay of each usercounting on a diversity of characters with unique abilities that you cannot miss.

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If you are one of those who moves on the battlefield stealthily, defensively, with precise attacks or go directly on the offensive, then choose the character that has the skill to boost your gameplay. Prove that you are the best survival mode or in the deck operation mode with Omega Legends.

Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival is one of the best alternatives to Free Fireshares the same characteristics in the survival game mode, both in cooperative or solo mode.

In this game you will be able to explore a wide stage of 8×8 km that allows interaction between 300 players at the same time and that only one will survive. collect weapons and get around on foot or in all-terrain vehicles. Survive and prove that you are the best.

guns royale

A world dominated by intense battle with block characters to the best pixel art style. Delve into a shooting challenge in a PvP confrontation on a pixelated setting where you will find weapons everywhere, some larger and more powerful than others, so explore every corner and arm yourself with everything you can to achieve survive the confrontation.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

This is another game themed on blocky characters facing off in a gigantic map under a glorious firefight.

The game has great graphics that is adjustable for slower devices so you are not at a disadvantage. Has more than 30 types of weapons that you will find scattered throughout the map, but you must be careful not to leave the safe zone that is constantly shrinking. a game with easy and intuitive controls.

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Call Of Duty: Mobile

The acclaimed console game now available for Android devices. All the excitement and adrenaline of the games of Call of Dutycharacters, weapons, outfits, settings and much more compiled in Call of Duty: Mobile.

One of its most striking features is that it has a HD graphics with which you will feel that you are in the console. while you play chat with your friends and colleagues of equipment in writing or by voice.

brawl stars

A game that is not only limited to confrontation between playershas a variety of modalities to play alone or in duo. One of the most striking is brawl ball in which together with your team you must carry out two goals to the opposing teambut be careful because there are no red cards here.

In addition, you will be able to catch gems, play in survival, robbery mode, star house and much more, becoming one of the best alternatives to Free Fire which you can download on Android.

Now that you have this list of games, explore the different options that you can find in Battle Royale games, and which one best suits your style of play.

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