some just want to get your money


Do not download Wordle applications on your mobile! The only way to play the original game is through the web.

your format simple and addictive has managed to make wordle one of the great phenomena of the moment. Hundreds of thousands of people have made it a routine to access the Wordle website –or the Wordle website in Spanish– and guess the five-letter word of the day, and then share their success with the rest of the world.

But there are those who have also wanted to take advantage of the success of Wordle for other not so legal purposes: in recent days, dozens of wordle clones in the Android and iOS app stores, in some cases with hidden subscription models aimed at extracting economic profit from the situation at the expense of users.


Wordle has become the fashion game.

Wordle will remain a free, ad-free web app

Do not confuse this type of clones with variants of the original game as the version of Wordle in Spanish, created by Daniel Rodriguez. How do they count in 9to5mac, in recent days several games that imitate Wordle have appeared in the iOS App Store. The most serious case is that of “Wordle – The App”, a copy of the original game, which included a subscription model capable of charge users a fee of $30 per year.

Do not forget that the original game is completely freeand its creator, Josh Wardle, has assured that his intention is to keep the title as simple as possible, without ads or purchases of any kind.

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The situation is not much different on Android. A look at the Google Play catalog is enough to find clones or applications that pass themselves off as Wordle, most of them with scores that should make us suspicious. One of the clearest cases is that of the “Wordle – Daily Word Challenge” application, an almost exact copy of the original game that already has more than 1,000 installations.

Beware of Wordle clones flooding Google Play: some just want to take your money

Other games, on the other hand, have received an avalanche of negative scores for the simple fact of using the name “Wordle”, despite existing long before the fashionable game was a reality. This is the case of Wordle 2, updated for the last time in September of last year – when Wordle did not yet exist – and with more than 50,000 downloads on Google Play.

Today, the only way to play wordle on mobile it is through the game’s original website. In case you want to access the game more quickly, there is always the option of creating a shortcut to the page on the home screen.

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