Soaring Data Services, TikTok and WhatsApp Dominate Smartfren Traffic

8, Jakarta – Smartfren managed to overcome the spike traffic that occurred during Ramadan, the moment of going home, and Eid al-Fitr 1443 H. This success was supported by improving the quality of the network by expanding coverage and network optimization.

Throughout Ramadan, the moment of going home, and Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H there was a spike traffic internet up to 10%, for SMS services there is also an increase of 8% as well as services voice an increase of 25% compared to the previous year’s Eid.

spike traffic the internet was triggered by the increasing need for internet to access stream videos and music, to social media with an average increase of more than 10%.

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There is an increase traffic which is significant for the Tiktok application by 18% and WhatApps at 13%, both applications are widely used by Smartfren customers during the homecoming and Eid period.

“The moment of going home for Eid and Eid al-Fitr this time will be different because people can return to their hometowns. Ascension traffic This time the internet can be anticipated properly and the public can continue to enjoy the best internet services from Smartfren,” said VP Network Operations Smartfren, Agus Rohmat.

The majority of the increase occurred along the homecoming route, until it spread to various homecoming destinations, especially in West Java (10%) and Central Java (18%) and East Java (6%).

Even in several districts in Central Java and East Java, the increase reached more than 60%, the triggers were, among others, the need for customers to access internet services along the way, and when they were at their homecoming destination.

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Smartfren telecommunication network has been designed using the design full redundant and have technology switch over so that changes in capacity requirements can be adjusted quickly.

This technology also contributes to speeding up network handling, so disruptions can be resolved in less than an hour.

Thanks to this series of anticipations, Smartfren managed to reduce the number of customer complaints related to the network by up to 60% during the Eid period and the network conditions also did not have any Incident Critical that caused disruption to the network.

Smartfren has presented a number of products that make the internet more comfortable, namely through promos add-ons Unlimited Nights Full-Speed ​​which can be added to Smartfren Unlimited Daily and Unlimited Nonstop packages.

Make sure you have activated one of the Smartfren Unlimited packages, then use the MySmartfren application to get Add-ons Unlimited Full-Speed ​​Nights for IDR 5,000 for 7 days, or IDR 10,000 for 28 days.

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Add-ons it is automatically active at 01.00 – 05.00 WIB. Complementing these benefits, Smartfren customers also get the opportunity to get direct prizes by participating in the Smartfren WOW Treasure Hunt program which will last until December 31, 2022.

It’s easy, just install MySmartfren application allows customers to explore Indonesia and get attractive prizes.

Every time a credit transaction or data package reaches a certain value, customers can get a definite prize in the form of a data quota up to 24GB.

All customers whose transactions reach a minimum of IDR 300,000 can take part in the festival lucky draw to open chests with a chance to get various prizes. Starting from the Honda BRV, 50 grams of gold, savings of Rp. 100 million, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and others.

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