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SIM card not recognized on Xiaomi Mi A3


You just bought a Xiaomi Mi A3 and when you turn it on, you get the following error message: SIM card not recognized. It often happens that Xiaomi Mi A3 does not recognize the SIM card and announces this message. In this case, it is not necessary to bring back the Xiaomi Mi A3 directly. Indeed, there are great tips to solve this problem, so in this guide we will discover what to do and what to check so that your SIM card is recognized on your Xiaomi Mi A3.

What to do if your SIM card is not recognized on your Xiaomi Mi A3

When the SIM card is not recognized on the Xiaomi Mi A3, we have provided a list of things that can help you identify the causes of the problem and why not fix it.

Clean SIM card

One of the first things to do when the SIM card is not recognized on the Xiaomi Mi A3 is to clean it. In fact, it often happens that dirt blocks the contact between the SIM card and the mobile phone. So if you want to clean it, put a rag on it and check that it’s not damaged.

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Examine the location of the SIM card on the Xiaomi Mi A3

Sometimes the problem comes from where you put your SIM card. In fact, it always happens that the mini metal plugs that need to touch the SIM card are naturally a bit relaxed. When it does, it prevents the Xiaomi Mi A3 from reading the SIM card. To solve this problem, you just need to slightly thicken the SIM card by sticking one or two pieces of adhesive tape on the back.

Try the SIM card in a second mobile

To find out if the problem is in your SIM card, you should try it on a second phone and you will have your answer. If it is not recognized on other devices, you can replace the SIM card.

Try another SIM card in Xiaomi Mi A3

Assuming that the 2 previous phases do not work, it is enough to try another SIM card to know if the problem comes from the card. And yes, if other SIM cards are recognized on the Xiaomi Mi A3, it means that the problem is with the card. Instead, we will have to look at the device.

Make sure the Xiaomi Mi A3 is not a Simlocker

If you have tried several SIM cards in your Xiaomi Mi A3 and none of them are recognized, it is likely that your phone is Simlocker. This means that the Xiaomi Mi A3 can only recognize SIM cards from a specific operator. In this case, you need to unlock it. You will easily find many offers on the Internet that can do just that.

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Check if the problem does not come from the ROM installed on Xiaomi Mi A3

This step mainly applies to people who have rooted Xiaomi Mi A3 to install non-original ROM. When this is actually what you have done, you should know that SIM card not recognized issue is quite common after installing new ROMs. Therefore, we recommend that you reinstall an original ROM and try it again.

if nothing works

If all the above tricks don’t work, we recommend that you take your Xiaomi Mi A3 and the SIM card to one of your phone company’s stores.



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