SIM card not recognized in Samsung Galaxy A80


You just invested in a Samsung Galaxy A80, and as soon as you turn it on, you get the following error message: SIM card not recognized. Sometimes the Samsung Galaxy A80 may not recognize the SIM card and announce this message. In this case, it is not useful to automatically inform the Samsung Galaxy A80 directly. Indeed, there are some tips to solve this problem, so we will see in this guide what you need to do and check that your SIM card is recognized on your Samsung Galaxy A80.

What are the solutions if the SIM card is not recognized on my Samsung Galaxy A80?

If the SIM card is not recognized on the Samsung Galaxy A80, here is a list of things that will help you identify the source of the problem and why not fix it.

Clean SIM card

One of the first things to do if your Samsung Galaxy A80 does not recognize your SIM card is to clean it. Sure, sometimes it happens that dirt blocks the contact between the SIM card and the smartphone. So, if you want to clean it of dust, put a light cloth on it and check that it is not damaged.

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Check the location of the SIM card on the Samsung Galaxy A80

Occasionally the problem may be with the location of the SIM card. For example, the little metal plugs that should naturally touch the SIM card are always slightly loose. When it does, it prevents the Samsung Galaxy A80 from reading the SIM card. To solve this problem, you just need to slightly thicken the SIM card by sticking one or two pieces of adhesive tape on the back.

Try your SIM card in another mobile phone

To find out if the problem is with your SIM card, you have the option to try it on another smartphone and you will have your own explanation. If it is not recognized on other smartphones, you will need to replace the SIM card.

Try a second SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy A80

Assuming that the above two steps do not work, you should try another SIM card to see if the problem is with the card. Indeed, if other SIM cards work on the Samsung Galaxy A80, the problem is with the SIM. Otherwise, you’ll need to look at your phone.

Make sure the Samsung Galaxy A80 is not a Simlocker

If you have experimented with multiple SIM cards in your Samsung Galaxy A80 and none of them are recognized, your smartphone could be Simlocker. This means that the Samsung Galaxy A80 can only recognize SIM cards from a specific carrier. In this case, you will need to unlock it. You will easily find many offers on the Internet that have the opportunity to do just that.

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Make sure that the problem does not come from the ROM installed on the Samsung Galaxy A80

This step is of interest to people who have rooted their Samsung Galaxy A80 to install an aftermarket ROM. If this is the case, please note that SIM card not recognized issue is relatively common after installing a ROM. Therefore, we recommend that you reinstall an original ROM and try again.

if nothing works

If all the above tricks don’t work, we recommend that you return your Samsung Galaxy A80 and SIM card to one of your carrier’s stores.


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