Samsung has patented this crazy folding mobile design, now in the shape of an “L”


It is not very clear what a mobile like this would be used for, but Samsung thinks it is a good idea to explore differential devices and new folding ideas such as this “L” format.

Industry experts have been telling us for a long time about an invasion of folding mobiles that, however, never ends, and at this point the only thing that is clear to us is that this market is still immaturewithout clarifying yet what needs they should cover and most of the time offering solutions to problems we didn’t have.

A good example of this are the multiple patents and sketches, each one more crazy and strangethat the different manufacturers have been registering before the international authorities, with Samsung as the last protagonist and an “L” shaped design halfway between a Galaxy Z, an LG Wing and a Huawei Mate X of the first generations.

Samsung Galaxy Fold patent shaped like "L"

This would be this curious Samsung Galaxy Fold, which mixes ideas from the LG Wing and the Huawei Mate X.

East Frankenstein South Korean of folding smartphones has been recreated, as always masterfully and from the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) sketchesby the colleagues of LetsGoDigital, who show us renders than it would be a smartphone capable of displaying only the upper half of the screenall around an internal hinge and with the panel always visible on the outside.

It is something like taking the hinge of a Huawei Mate X from the first generations but only installing it in the middle of the phone, so that when unfolding the flexible OLED panel, a kind of “L” we don’t know how useful it would benor did anyone know of the usefulness of design in “T” of the LG Wing.

Samsung patented in 2021 this Galaxy Z (or rather Galaxy “L”) with a completely exterior folding panel, and that could extend only in the upper half of the screen without clarifying too much what this format would serve.

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As the colleagues from the Android Authority told us, this Samsung patent dates back to last year 2021, although the WIPO recently granted it by making public the sketches of a phone that, let’s be frank, we will hardly see never in stores.

In fact, for me the only noteworthy thing about seeing this type of design exercise is knowing that Samsung effectively continues to work on making sense of foldablesseeking to loop the loop of functionality to offer us differential devices that no one else can imagine.

Samsung Galaxy Fold patent shaped like "L"

These are the sketches patented by Samsung, with which Let’sGoDigital has recreated the model.

Beyond that, the rest is speculative, although we can comment on the details of a patent that explicitly indicates the presence of three magnets that keep the panel glued to the backusing the glass UltraThinGlass from Samsung to protect a panel that would always be exposed.

Definitely durability would therefore be a problem to be solvedperhaps the biggest that all these smartphones face and surely the reason that everyone has opted for folds “inside” that hide the folding screen.

Regarding the use cases and functionalities, I don’t know about you, but I can only think of a couple of effective things, such as the selfie with main camera using the folded screen at the back, or the multitasking with video or music playback using format ultra wide at the top displayed, while doing things with another app at the bottom.

Let’s see if you find the sense of a Galaxy Z like this, or rather a Galaxy “L”?

This would be this new Galaxy Fold with an “L” shape, photo gallery

Samsung Galaxy Fold patent shaped like "L"

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