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Samsung Galaxy A32 Officially Gets One UI 4.1 Based on Android 12


Indian, Gizmology – In the last few weeks, a vendor from South Korea, Samsung has indeed presented a lot of new smartphone options. There are at least five Galaxy A Series releases close together, not including the competitive Galaxy M Series. But this time for Samsung Galaxy A32 users, there is good news.

Even though it’s a mid-range smartphone, that doesn’t mean Samsung doesn’t pay attention to the software or software it runs. After previously presenting an update to the 5G version, now it’s the turn of the 4G version of the Galaxy A32 to get the latest One UI 4.1 interface update. Present brings a number of new features with a fresher UI, uniform with the flagship.

The Galaxy A32 itself has been officially present in the country since March 2021. At that time, Samsung announced that at least the Galaxy A Series smartphones would get two new Android versions. But for this year’s release like the Galaxy A33 5G, Samsung is much kinder.

Exceeding what Google promised in the affordable Pixel line, Samsung dares to guarantee at least four new Android OS versions, plus five years of security updates (security patches). Well, at least Galaxy A32 users can still enjoy Android 13 which Google will introduce in the near future.

Coming to Multiple Users in India

One UI 4 001

Information regarding the presence of Android 12 for the Galaxy A32 was conveyed directly through the official Samsung website. Quoted from Sammobile, this latest software is available in version A325FXXU2BVD6, and is starting to be rolled out to all Samsung Galaxy A32 users in India. Of course, it will continue to other countries, such as Indonesia. There are no estimates yet, although it should be soon.

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If Gizmo friends are users of the Rp. 3 million Samsung smartphone, they can check regularly before they appear automatically. Namely by accessing the Settings menu – Software Update, then selecting “Download & install”. Due to upgrading from Android 11 to Android 12, generally the update capacity will be large.

In addition to requiring a large data quota, the installation process will also take a long time—especially if it is balanced with the amount of data. So make sure you’ve charged your device enough, use stable internet access, and aren’t using a smartphone. Curious about what’s new in One UI 4.1 on the Galaxy A32?

Galaxy A32 Camera Can Produce Better Portraits

Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung brought the April 2022 security update as well as fixes to over 80 privacy and security related sections. This section may not be very interesting, but there are a number of features that will make the Galaxy A32 look fresher. Includes a selection of new widgets and color palettes that can be applied throughout the system.

With Android 12, the Galaxy A32 will display a green dot at the top right of the screen as a marker when the camera or microphone is in use. Users are also given the option to provide an approximate location, while the keyboard has been integrated with Grammarly for grammar correction (English only).

Through the front screen (lock screen), now Galaxy A32 users can access voice recorders, calendars or change audio sources from speakers or other accessories. While in the camera application, video recording will start more instantly, Single Take has a longer duration of 5 seconds, and is given a new look in Pro mode & Pro Video mode.

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The portrait mode has also been improved so that it can provide accurate blur effects for cats and dogs, both from the rear and front cameras. As well as many other updates to other system applications such as albums, photo and video editors, calendars and built-in browsers.