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[RUMOR] Revealed the name Al-Haitham Genshin Impact Turns out to be a character that looks like Su Honkai Impact


Genshin Impact of course has a schedule updates a regular one, with each latest version lasting six to seven weeks. Arc Inazuma is almost done, it’s time for Genshin Impact to introduce region Sumeru into the game.

Departing from the news, there were also rumors about Sumeru’s new character similar to Su Honkai Impact. This time, a leaker finally revealed the real name of the new character, namely Al-Haitham Genshin Impact.

Al-Haitham Genshin Impact, Not Husbando, But Habibi

Al-Haitham Genshin Impact
Al-Haitham is similar to Su!

Previously, the author had revealed the appearance of the latest Genshin Impact husbando whose design is similar to the Su. Two trusted leakers, Ubatcha1 and hxg_dilucvia his Twitter account, share this character’s real name which you can call with “Al-Haitham“.

Lots gamers in this community believe that his name is similar to that of an Arab scientist, Hasan Ibn Al-Haytham. This could be true because every region big in Genshin Impact inspired by location real lifeand some rumors indicate that Sumeru was inspired by Asia and the Middle East.

For this one Habibi weapon can not be confirmed. However, not a few believe that Al-Haitham will be present as a user sword first from Sumeru. Although it’s unknown when he will be released, he will most likely make it to the character roster playable.


Of course, the presence of Al-Haitham Genshin Impact invites high anticipation. Because, he will become a character with elements Dendro which the players have been waiting for a long time.

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Until now, Genshin Impact doesn’t have playable characters with Dendro elements. So, it is still a mystery how the shape elemental reactionits n. According to some passing information, Dendro can cause elemental reactionIntensified‘ when combined with Electro. And will cause Overgrown when combined with Hydro.

That’s the latest information about Habibi Genshin Impact which will be present together with the Sumeru region later. You can play this game on PC, Android, iOS, PS4, and PS5 platforms.

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