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[RUMOR] Genshin Impact Fans Alleged Regarding Censored Yelan


Basically, the Chinese version of Genshin Impact does have differences from the global version. The global version will not experience character censorship, especially on their costumes.

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Recently, fans were given a leak about Yelan’s presence which attracted the enthusiasm of players and their impatience about its release. They believe that Yelan from Genshin Impact has something in common with Fu Hua from Honkai Impact.

Fans Disappointed When They Know Leaked Yelan Genshin Impact Possible Censored Version

After the leaked 3D model of the Genshin Impact character “Yelan” appeared, some fans thought that the Yelan character was very different from the usual designs made by miHoYo. In fact, some assumed that Yelan had actually been censored.

Amid the excitement, there were some fans who were worried that Yelan had actually been censored before its release. Apart from the character’s design style being different from before, they were of the opinion that developer so no need to censor their characters after release.

Fans also believe that the character’s appearance is similar to the costume alternate-his. And they worry that miHoYo will continue to do this. Where developer will continue to censor the new character Genshin Impact from the one they have conceptualized from the start.

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It is not clear whether this censorship was indeed carried out by miHoYo on Yelan for the global version of Genshin Impact or only the Chinese version, but of course everything will be revealed when the character is released in Genshin Impact later.

However, from all these assumptions, it is not yet valid whether this censorship action was indeed carried out by miHoYo for the global version or only for the Chinese version. All of these assumptions will be answered by Yelan’s presence in Genshin Impact.

According to leaks circulating, Yelan will appear as a *5 star character, a bow user with Hydro elements. And promised to be present on May 11, 2022.

You can play Genshin Impact on the PC platform. Genshin Impact can be played on PC, Mobile, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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