Revealing how to clean Asus laptop at home safely and effectively


You own an Asus laptop but don’t know yet Asus laptop cleaning How is this? The following article will guide you more carefully, do not hesitate to apply and immediately see the change on your teammates.

Why should you clean Asus laptops?

Because of your surroundings there is too much dust, hair or particles, foreign objects and it can cause the cooling vents to become clogged, which reduces system performance or shortens the life of the internal hardware. So, the optimal solution to overcome this is to regularly clean Asus laptops in general and other types of computers in particular to prolong their life.

Here are some signs that you need to clean your Asus laptop:

  • Your device freezes, freezes or suddenly stops
  • The heat is very hot when you use it even if it’s not a long time
  • The radiator fan is loud, but there is no wind blowing at the heat outlet, so it makes an annoying noise
  • There is no response when you click.

When you see one of the 4 signs above, you should clean your Asus laptop.

Instructions on how to clean Asus laptop at home

Here is a summary of the how to clean Asus laptop Simple, fast and most effective, you should refer to apply!

Clean the laptop case

You should prepare the following tools: Cotton or soft cloth, specialized cleaning brush, cleaning solution or a set of specialized cleaning tools, tools that are usually included when you buy one. new laptop.

Clean the laptop's cover

Because the case is the outside part of the laptop, it’s very easy to clean, you just need to use the cloth or cotton prepared on the cleaning solution and clean your Asus laptop. A small note is that you should unplug the entire charging cord to avoid unnecessary problems.

Clean the laptop's cover

As for the screen, because the screen is the display part of the computer, it is quite sensitive, you should be careful when cleaning this area. You should use a cotton cloth to avoid clinging to silk fibers or crumbs on the screen, soak a moderate amount of cleaning solution and wipe your hands evenly. You should use your hands to fix the screen and gently move the cleaning cloth to avoid damage.

Clean the keyboard

Next, the keyboard is also an area you need to clean. However, because there are many openings, you can only use a mini vacuum cleaner or a specialized brush in the asus laptop cleaning kit to promote the best effect of cleaning.

Clean the screen

Cleanse the intestines

The inside of a laptop when cleaning requires a certain skill and understanding of the structure of the computer, so you should consider it carefully before doing it.

First, clean the exhaust fan and heat sink slot. Because this part has the effect of ventilation and cooling your computer, when there is too much dust, it also affects their performance. You need to disassemble the back of the computer, use a cotton swab to clean the slots or fan blades to make sure they have been completely removed from dirt, then you apply alcohol to another cotton swab and perform cleaning. asus laptop again is complete.

Sanitize the intestines

One of the last steps of the cleaning process inside a laptop is to clean and add thermal paste. Use a fine paper towel or cotton swab to absorb enough cleaning solution, wipe the glue on the chipset surface, the back of the heatsink until the old glue is completely removed, then add 1 drop of dissipative glue and spread it evenly. . This way you may not need to wait for the glue to dry before installing the necessary parts again as they were.

A small note when assembling a laptop is the screw operation, you should screw it moderately, evenly and do not block any special corners to avoid imbalance, making it difficult to clean your asus laptop next time.

Where should I clean my laptop with good reputation and good price?

If you do not have time or are not confident to properly clean asus laptops at home, taking them to a shop is something you can consider. The price of cleaning Asus laptops in general and other laptops in particular is quite different, but generally, the delivery is from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND.

Where should I clean my laptop with good reputation and good price?

One of the places that I encourage you to find out is the Fun Phone center because of the wide coverage of the branches, the professionalism of the center staff and especially the quick processing time of less than an hour. clock. In addition, you can also bring to the separate warranty centers of the brand to have dedicated care for your laptop if you don’t mind waiting or being away from your laptop for a while.

Laptop tricks Here are all the instructions how to clean Asus laptop Simple, fast, most effective. Hopefully through the above sharing, you will quickly preserve your laptop in a durable way!

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