Respawn and EA Bring Apex Legends Mobile to the Esports Scene



Respawn Entertainment is currently developing Apex Legends Mobile. Reportedly, together with EA, they plan to bring Apex Legends Mobile to the esports scene.

Previously, it was reported that Apex Legends Mobile has released a closed trial for some regions such as India and the Philippines. For now, this game is only available on Android and is still in the development stage until it can finally be played on iOS.

This plan was born because of the huge growth of Apex Legends since its first release. EA’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Competitive Gaming, Todd Sitrin, said that he and the team were interested in bringing Apex Legends to the realm of esports, as quoted by detikINET from The Esports Observer, Thursday (20/5/2021).

Sitrin said that EA is confident in the Apex Legends esports ecosystem, even though the COVID-19 pandemic struck right after the esports program started for the game.

“Our organization strongly believes in mobile esports. We think there are two big opportunities here, namely Apex Legends Mobile and FIFA Mobile,” said Sitrin.

He added that mobile games continue to be an important part of EA’s portfolio. Then Apex Legends is the key, where the mobile version of esports is something they take seriously.

But keep in mind Apex Legends Mobile is made specifically for mobile devices. So, this game will not feature cross-play with console and PC versions of Apex Legends.

For now, Apex Legends Mobile is still in the development stage and is being optimized to run on various devices. As for the official release, they still can’t predict it.

  Gamers in Indonesia also get, Apex Legends Mobile will open a closed beta test soon

Meanwhile, players can only enjoy it from the ongoing Apex Legends Mobile trial, and that’s only for certain regions.

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