Replace genuine iPhone battery and screen VN/A at Apple service center


Genuine iPhone warranty Does the Apple authorized service center apply for screen replacement, battery replacement or not? Learn more about warranty centers, warranty conditions and reputable warranty addresses below

What is Apple Service Center?

Apple Authorized Service Providers or Apple Authorized Service Providers are Apple’s partners, authorized by Apple to provide warranties for devices, repair procedures and replacement parts. provided by Apple, guaranteed both in terms of quality and product.

What is Apple Service Center?

Conditions for replacing iPhone batteries and screens at Apple service centers

Before proceeding with genuine iphone warranty, you need to know if your iPhone is covered by the warranty policy at the Apple service center. In particular, you need to know what type of phone you are using iPhone battery warranty nice iPhone screen warranty.

Conditions for replacing battery, genuine iphone warranty screen at Apple service center

Currently, there are many types of iPhone on the market with many different prices, and here are 4 types of iPhone phones that will be covered by Apple’s warranty policy:

  • New iPhones: is a brand new, 100% Apple-compliant device, in unopened, sealed, unopened packaging. New iPhones are sold by Apple through Apple Retail Stores or authorized resellers worldwide. New iPhone models come with Apple’s 12-month warranty
  • iPhone CPO (iPhone Certified Pre-Owned): CPO (Certified Pre-Ownership) is a term used for new iPhone products made by Apple that meet factory standards for some reason (appearance, assembly, etc.).

So it was a recall and reassembled, then packaged and tested a second time, and put back on the market. The device is still sealed, intact, after activation, it is still warranted for 12 months on Apple’s website.

Conditions for replacing battery, genuine iphone warranty screen at Apple service center

  • iPhone Refurbished: Refurbished is a used screen or item with a defective part, which is recalled by Apple to replace the defective part, and then returned to the market. The device still has a seal with all accessories inside, on the box there will be the words refurbished to distinguish and activate, and genuine iPhone warranty from 1-3 months.
  • LikeNew iPhone: is a used machine but the machine is in good working order, the form is about 95% to 99% depending on the machine. This is the cheapest form of machine on the market today. However, LikeNew iPhones will only be sold with bare metal, not Active, box and genuine Apple accessories.

LikeNew iPhones are generally purchased and sold by market resellers, not by Apple, so Apple’s 12-month warranty will not apply. However, some dealers provide customers with separate warranties and Apple accessories when purchasing the device

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If your iPhone is broken and has expired warranty or is not eligible for warranty at ip service center, you can go to a reputable iPhone repair system to have parts replaced. Genuine products, the same quality and have a separate warranty policy from the repair unit.

Fun Phone ASP is proud to be one of the Apple warranty units in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. With quality components from a unit that specializes in manufacturing components specifically for iPhone. Phone Fun ASP will restore your iPhone in the fastest way.

Genuine iPhone warranty, iPhone warranty vn/a Just shared above about the problem of replacing the battery, genuine iPhone screen VN/A at the Apple warranty center. Hope, will help you in choosing information offline!

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