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GridGames.ID – Games with anime concepts such as Genshin Impact are becoming a trend and favored by gamers all over the world.

The popularity of the game Genshin Impact has made a number of game studios interested in launching a similar game with the concept of anime graphics.

This time, Bilibili followed Mihoyo’s steps by announcing his newest game project, Project: Eruthyll.

For those of you who don’t know, Bilibili is a popular video platform from China that is now expanding into the gaming industry.

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Currently, Bilibili has started a Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Project: Eruthyll.

Project: Eruthyll itself is an ARPG game based on card games (card games).

This game has a high-quality anime graphic concept.

Project: Eruthyll presents a unique gameplay where players can use beautiful waifu characters like in Genshin Impact.

Even so, the mechanics and strategy in Project: Eruthyll are more complex because they are based on a card game.

In the game Project: Eruthyll, players are tasked with being the leader of an army that controls the battlefield.

Players must issue orders to troops with a mature strategy to win the battle.

Players can use cards to use character abilities or skills.

However, it should be noted that we need mana to issue character skills.

Users can use characters to become DPS or Burst Damage with terrible damage.

Here’s a gameplay snippet of Project: Eruthyll.

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Project: Eruthyll is scheduled to launch for iOS and Android devices.

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For those of you who want to try this game, you can enter the CBT Project: Eruthyll program.

The trick, you have to pre-register on the official Bilibili website at following linkthen follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, this site is currently only available in Mandarin.


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