Profile of Hilman Hariwijaya, Lupus Novelist who Died March 9, 2022


KONTAN.CO.ID – Writer Hilman Hariwijaya died on Wednesday (9/3/2022) morning. The following is a profile of the author of the Lupus novel, which was popular in the 1980-1990 era.

One of Hilman’s colleagues, Noorca M. Massardi confirmed the news of leaving Hilman. “Yes (died) from all WhatsApp groups already confirm,” he said to via text message.

Hilman is known for writing a short story entitled Lupus in the magazine Hi in December 1986. Lupus then recorded as a novel to a serial.

Hilman has also written a lot of screenplays for films, such as Dealova, The Wall, Wonder Boyand Flavor. In fact, he also wrote scripts for famous soap operas, namely Love Fitri Season 2 and 3.

Lastly, he also joined the production Love Story The Series and From the Middle School Window.

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Profile of Hilman Hariwijaya, author of Lupus

Quoted from the Gramedia Pustaka Utama page, Hilman Hariwijaya was born in Jakarta, August 25, 1964. Hilman is of Javanese Sundanese descent and has a father with the rank of colonel.

Hilman has studied higher education at the National University (Unas) majoring in English Literature. He first created Lupus in the form of short stories in magazines Hi in December 1986.

Lupus is a male character who is told to work as a student and a young journalist in a magazine Hi.

Lupus story describes the lifestyle of teenagers. Loaded with original humor, especially unique in style and choice of words.

However, it is precisely this style of language that has ever been considered as damaging the Indonesian language. Lupus become a distinctive product, liked and familiar to teenagers.

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Hilman wrote dozens of titles covering the series Lupus, Lupus ABG, Lupus Minor, Lupus Millennia, Olga, Lulu, Ghost Family, Vanya, Vladd, Two Rainbows, and some loose titles. Some of his works were co-written with Boim, Gusur, and Zara Zettira.

Hilman Hariwijaya with Lupusit is a phenomenon in the world of Indonesian publishing. Novel Lupus: Catch Me You I’ll Jitak published in December 1986, the first printing of 5,000 copies sold out in less than one week.

In addition, the total circulation of his book sales reached millions of copies. This is an extraordinary number for Indonesia, considering that the normal circulation of other books is an average of 3,000-5,000 copies, and even that is not sold out in one year.

Series Lupus has been filmed, both on the big screen and in the form of soap operas. Whereas Lulu, Olga, Vanya, and Vladd as well as several other freelance stories have been sinetron.

That’s a short biography of the author of Lupus, Hilman Hariwijaya.

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