Prediction of Arrival Time Through Features on Google Maps Features

11, Jakarta – Google Maps has a feature that allows users to set departures and arrivals, especially for private vehicle navigation modes such as cars. This feature has been pertinent in the desktop version of Google Maps for all navigation modes.

Through this feature, users can estimate the route that must be taken with the estimated time of departure and arrival at the destination location.

When the user sets the arrival time, a suggestion appears when the user should start leaving from the point of origin.

On the other hand, if the user sets the departure time, a prediction will appear when the user will arrive at the location.

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Besides being able to choose the hour, users can also set the date of departure. The method is quite easy, this feature is in the menu section of the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

Once selected, the ‘set depart and arrive time’ option will appear to set the departure and arrival time for the location from the beginning to the destination location.

Although this feature is very helpful for users, Google has not provided a reminder option to remind when to leave.

Therefore, users must also keep in mind the potential for congestion on the route that could change the estimated travel time.

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