PlayStation and Xbox Get Serious “Games as a Service”


droidsnipe.comJakarta – The increasingly heated competition between the two console giants, Xbox and Playstation, this time can be seen from the way they see how important it is to have studios. first party who can support their respective big plans.

For Playstation, the result could be games exclusive orGames as a Service“quality. As for Microsoft, apart from competition games exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem, it can also be a support for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass which looks even more tempting.

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One strategy they are promoting is to buy more studios in the future.

Following Xbox, which has done this before, Playstation also now has an Acquisition Manager who is in charge of identifying growth potential for the company through acquisitions, investments, or other processes. joint ventures in the future.

That means, both Xbox and PlayStation, are still open to opportunities and plans to buy more studios in the future.

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Neither Xbox nor PlayStation itself has provided information about what studio they are currently targeting.

Although both must be admitted, they have different strategies when it comes to this strategy.

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