Pinhome Shares Property Search Tips

10, Jakarta – Owning a house is everyone’s dream. But not a few are still confused when faced with the property search process and what to prepare.

In fact, when buying property, it is very important to know the stages of the purchase. Pinhome through Property and Financing Expert Vina Yenastri shared at least six stages in the property search process.

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These stages consist of: define, discovery, consideration, negotiation, transaction, and post-transaction. For more details, see the following description:

In stage defineprospective property buyers must determine the type of property to be purchased and know the appropriate property purchase budget.

Second, at the stage discoveryprospective buyers have started looking for properties that suit their needs and also make a property priority scale based on preferences.

“At this stage, we have started looking for properties that match the criteria we need and are in accordance with our budget, and we have started to order the priority scale based on preferences, because there are properties that are closer, further away, or have access. more difficult, there are various. Every individual is different. So the priority scale must be determined, “explained Vina.

Then in stage considerationprospective buyers should conduct a survey on the property of choice.

The next stage is negotiation. Here, potential buyers must find out or determine a fair price for a property.

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Prospective buyers are also advised to look for properties in the same location to get comparative prices.

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After negotiationprospective buyers do transactions. At this stage, prospective buyers must know and determine the types of property payment methods.

The last stage is post-transaction. At this stage, the buyer has made a payment and paid off the installments.