Passwords will be lost on Android, iPhone to Desktop


Monday, 9 May 2022 – 10:09 WIB

VIVA – Apple, Microsoft, and Google in a joint effort to create solutions to make it easier for users of their service devices to enter major platforms without using a password.

The three technology giants will allow users to authenticate without a password on Android, iOS, Chrome browser, Edge, Safari and even the desktop ecosystem made by Windows and MacOS.

“Working with industry to build new, more secure login methods that offer better protection and eliminate password vulnerabilities is at the core of our commitment to building products that offer maximum security and a transparent user experience for all with the goal of keeping users and personal information safe. , “said Apple Platform Product Marketing Senior Director, Kurt Knight, as quoted from The VergeMonday, May 9, 2022.

The venture of the three tech giants will be known as the FIDO Alliance. In the future, a password-free login will allow users to choose their phone as the primary authentication device for apps, websites, and other digital services, as Google details in a blog post.

Unlocking the phone with whatever is set as the basic action, entering a PIN, drawing a pattern, or using fingerprint unlock will later suffice for the user to log into the web service without needing to enter the password again.

By making logins dependent on physical devices, the idea is that concurrent users will benefit from simplicity and security. Without a password, there is no obligation to remember login details across services or compromise security by reusing the same password in multiple places.

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Similarly, a passwordless system would make it harder for hackers to remotely compromise login details as login requires access to a physical device and, theoretically, a phishing attack where users are directed to a fake website to capture passwords would be much harder to install. .