Nokia 8000 4g & Nokia 6300 4G With KaiOS


HMD Global has not only revived Nokia’s smartphone business, it has also revived the name of this Finnish legend in today’s mobile market. Nokia has come back from the dead of some of Nokia’s most iconic designs to the point that it might as well end up with dozens of not-so-memorable phones. The latest batch tries to bring the candy bar design back, by adding a few Candy Bar Phones with 4G support that at least make the Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G usable as social media handsets.

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It’s really funny to see HMD Global marketing the Nokia 6300 4G as a WhatsApp phone, or, to be more precise, the cheapest WhatsApp phone. Thanks to its 4G connectivity, which you can easily share by activating the phone’s Wi-Fi Hotspot function, and specs that can be said to be pretty low in today’s times, this phone can at least be skating on social media lightly.

On the other hand, the Nokia 8000 4G lends credence to its phrase “looks can be deceiving.” Even with a case made of the same polycarbonate as the Nokia 6300 4G, the glass-like paint job and metalized chrome frame center layer make it look even more premium. This phone is specially designed for display and comfort, the latter featuring a 3D curved key pad.

Both powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 with only 512MB RAM, Nokia’s newest candy bar handset can still partake in some of the features of their more advanced and more expensive smartphones. Thanks to KaiOS, the phone has access to several apps like Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, and even Google Assistant. You probably shouldn’t expect much from their camera, with the Nokia 6300 4G only sporting a VGA sensor while the Nokia 8000 4G gets a 2MP camera. Indeed now the camera is one of the most important features for some people, maybe Nokia still wants to reminisce about its former glory.

Nokia 6300 4g

Of course, the selling point of this phone is that it is quite affordable. Nokia 6300 4G is available in Cyan Green, Light Charcoal and Powder White, priced at 49 EUR ($58),

Nokia 8000 4g

While the Nokia 8000, Citrine, Opal and Onaz are shiny , sold for 79 EUR ($ 93 ). Availability in markets outside Europe, including the US, has yet to be announced. Including whether the two Nokia phones enter Indonesia, we’ll just have to wait for further news.

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