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Confirmed: Samsung opens its hand and unlocking the ‘bootloader’ of the Galaxy S22 will not ultimately imply the loss of any basic functionality.

Not that lately this install mods and custom ROMs on our Android too successful, although certainly no one wants to buy a mobile phone for more than 1,000 euros and the shift maker removes permissions, privileges and possibilities to your smartphone, whether you are going to use them or not.

And this is precisely what the users of the Galaxy Z Fold3 had to “suffer”, who suddenly found that Samsung had introduced additional protection systems about their very expensive folding smartphones that caused the blocking certain basic functions in case the user opens the boot loader to load software modifications.

Curve on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung had never taken such good care of all the details of a Galaxy S.

Samsung received a lot of criticism, certainly, which explained the movement vaguely around the Knox security requirementsbut without leaving us with logical reasons that would justify the deactivation, for example, of a camera system which stopped working completely once the bootloader was opened and until the user locked it again.

Samsung leaves behind the additional protection systems included with the Galaxy Z Fold3, and once again allows Galaxy S22 users to open the ‘bootloader’ without compensation or loss of functionality.

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Fortunately, the Galaxy S22, S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra bring good news to the most geeks of the place, and it is that Samsung has chosen to return to its more permissive policies and not block the functionality of your new flagship to those who want to modify them.

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The companions of xda-developers confirmed it to us, the most prolific photo of the scenes Android, indicating that indeed None of the models in the Samsung Galaxy S22 family are protected against opening the boot loaderbeing able to unlock it without any limitation of standard functionalities neither in the camera nor in other components.

In any case, you must remember that the process of unlocking the bootloader on Samsung mobiles involves completely formatting the phone memory and activating the flag Samsung Knoxso the guarantee will be invalidated and the process should be done with the utmost safety and care.

Good for Samsung, be that as it may, because the Android community has always been a huge differentiation on the platform and taking care of it is important…!

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