My Samsung Wi-Fi is disconnecting


Samsung wifi is almost essential. Indeed, thanks to this, you will be able to access the web and perform tasks that require Wi-Fi, such as updating the application. That’s why it’s always unpleasant when samsung wifi disconnects by itself . Therefore, there can be several possible reasons when Samsung wifi disconnects. Therefore, we will first find out the location settings to check. Then we will find out that the apps may be the source of the problem. Finally, we will see the problems with the updates.

samsung wifi disconnects due to location

If you have ever noticed that Samsung Wi-Fi connects and disconnects quite frequently, we may not know what is the cause. In fact, if you notice this on your phone, the parameter can: IMPROVED ACCURACY It is activated. This is a parameter that increases geolocation when using Wi-Fi networks found by Samsung. So it happens that Samsung connects and disconnects by itself. To find out if this is the case or if you want to disable this option, go to Parameters, then Location, then Mode, and finally High Accuracy . With the option disabled, the issue should be resolved and you should see an increase in battery life.

Samsung Wi-Fi is offline due to an app

If your Samsung wifi ever disconnects, it is probably due to an app. In fact, it often happens that an application conflicts with the Samsung Wi-Fi network. To find out if this is the cause of the problem, we recommend that you uninstall any Samsung apps that have been installed since the problem occurred.

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The concern comes from Samsung’s smart wifi

You can find in some phones like Samsung an option called SMART WIFI. This option aims to always connect to the Wi-Fi network that captures the best. However, if this option is enabled, Samsung may connect and disconnect quite frequently. It will be enough for you to move or two networks to be at a similar distance for the phenomenon to occur. To disable this option, you need to go to: Settings> Wi-Fi> Advanced Settings> Smart Network.

Wi-Fi disconnects after a Samsung update

If your WiFi disconnection issues occur immediately after the Samsung update, the problem is probably there. If this is the case for you, we recommend that you reset Samsung after backing up your Samsung data.


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