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My Fitness, the new name of the Xiaomi Health app


my fitness new app name xiaomi health

Xiaomi as a brand does a lot of things well, but it has a serious fragmentation problem. In its ecosystem there are many different devices that are not fully integrated with each other, as well as several apps that do the same thing. For example, right now they have three apps related to health and sports: Mi Fit, Xiaomi Wear and Mi Health.

The truth is that, If Xiaomi had its entire ecosystem well integrated and consolidated like Apple, it would be the perfect brand.. They know it very well and that is why they have made a move that seems to indicate that they will begin to centralize everything.

Xiaomi’s Health app, better known as Mi Health, has just been updated with new functions copied from the Xiaomi Wear app and with a new name: Mi Fitness. In addition, they have added the possibility of linking it with a wide variety of smartwatches and smartbands from Xiaomi and Redmi. Will this be the only Xiaomi application to manage wearables and everything that has to do with health? Let’s hope so.

This is Mi Fitness and all compatible watches

my fitness xiaomi health app

As you can see in the image, the new design of the Xiaomi health application is very similar to that of the Xiaomi Wear app, from which it also copies some functions. As which? The More complete and detailed monitoring system for steps, heart rate and calorie consumptionas well as configuration, synchronization and official support with the brand’s main watches and bracelets.

This app can also perform a more advanced record of different sports using the integrated GPS of your mobile. And of course, maintains some features of Mi Health, like the possibility of measuring your pulse by putting a finger on the camera. Of course, you can only enjoy all these Mi Fitness functions if you have one of its compatible wearables:

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At the moment, this My Fitness app it is only available to some beta testers in China, since it has only reached the MIUI China ROM where it still coexists with Xiaomi Wear. We hope that when it reaches the Global ROM it will unify all the applications of this style that Xiaomi has.

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