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MLBB Accused of Plagiarizing LoL and Wild Rift, Riot Games Sues Moonton Again


droidsnipe.comJakarta – Riot Games, game developer League of Legends, again sues Moonton regarding games Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB) on charges of plagiarizing Riot Games’ intellectual property.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in the US District Court for the Central District of California, the same place where Riot also sued Shanghai Moonton Technology in 2017.

Previously, Riot Games had also sued Moonton for the Mobile Legends game: 5v5 MOBA which was considered to be imitating League of Legends. However, the judge at the time said Riot should have sued China for better jurisdiction to prosecute the claim.

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Riot Games’ parent company, Tencent Holdings, which was based in China at the time, won a US$2.9 million lawsuit against Moonton in his home country. Riot Games is now complaining about Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang, which is coming to North America.

“We are working to stop Moonton from continuing its deliberate campaign for a free ride on Riot’s invaluable intellectual rights in the mobile video game League of Legends: Wild Rift and related content,” explained Riot Games.

Riot hopes that Google removes MLBB from the Google Play Store, Moonton secretly launches Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang, “the version of Mobile Legends that was releasedtweaks minimal”, claims Riot.

“Moonton has updated MLBB to copy extensive elements from Wild Rift, continuing its cycle of seizing Riot Games’ intellectual property rights,” said Riot Games.

Once in the US, it is possible that Riot Games will file a similar lawsuit in a Chinese court. This is similar to the cycle of claims that occurred in the previous case.

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According to Riot Games, what MLBB considers imitating various aspects of League of Legends and Wild Rift is the first, in terms of the title. games.

Riot Games claims that it has gone to great lengths to find the word “Legends” in games made. Moonton was also accused of copying by including the same word in “Mobile Legends”.

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In fact, Moontoon is also accused of explicitly imitating the League of Legends logo from using the same color. Furthermore, based on the lawsuit document, Riot Games also revealed a row of MLBB characters that were plagiarized by League of Legends and Wild Rift, followed by skinweapons, user interface, until point aim character.

Riot also accused Moontoon of being devedeliveryman MLBB plagiarized the promo conducted by Riot Games. Riot Games expects Moonton to stop plagiarism as a business.