miHoYo Presents April Calendar Genshin Impact 2022 Starring Handsome Xiao Sang Adeptus


Good news! Genshin Impact has released its official calendar wallpaper for April 2022. This time, Genshin Impact’s April calendar features Xiao, the “Vigilant Yaksha”.

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Xiao is a playable character with the element Anemone as well as polearm as his weapon in Genshin Impact. He is a adept by the name “Alatus“and the only member”Yaksha“which is still alive. He currently resides at the Wangshu Inn and often distances himself from human life.

Unfortunately, this Genshin Impact April calendar comes in only one size and you can only use it as wallpaper smartphone just. You can download this wallpaper for free from your Twitter account official Japan Genshin Impact.

Important Dates of April Genshin Impact 2022 Calendar That You Must Note!

Xiao Calendar April Genshin Impact
Source: Best HD Wallpaper

Like the March 2022 calendar, starring Noelle, this month’s calendar comes with a simple design and certainly won’t disturb your comfort. This wallpaper uses card art from Xiao who seemed to be holding a Yaksha mask and a spear which was his weapon. At the bottom it is filled with the date for April 2022.

Like the previous model, the Genshin Impact calendar will definitely mark several dates as a reminder of the birthdays of each character born in that month. This also applies to the April 2022 calendar.

In April there will be two birthday celebrations for Xiao and Diluc. Xiao the Bane of All Evil’s birthday is on April 17th. Then followed 13 days later with the birthday of Diluc the owner of the Tavern on April 30.

Diluc Xiao Traveler April Calendar Genshin Impact
Source: Abyss Wallpaper

In addition to the monthly calendar, the developer also released live wallpapers Genshin Impact which you can get in the application N0va Desktop. Live wallpapers These are usually designed based on several story also starring with specific characters. Xiao himself also has his own live wallpaper, followed by Diluc, Zhongli, and Keqing.

You can play Genshin Impact on PC, Mobile, and Playstation platforms!

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