miHoYo Prepares to Bring Genshin Impact to Switch


droidsnipe.comJakarta – Since Genshin Impact was released two years ago, miHoYo will finally bring it games this to the Nintendo Switch. Where’s the good news, Nintendo’s version of the console wasn’t cancelled, but it’s still in development.

“The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress,” explained the Genshin Impact Team.

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Even so, that’s the only information that can only be conveyed by Genshin Impact, regarding the release on Nintendo Switch. They still haven’t given details, after making many fans wait.

Initially, fans were skeptical about the final completion of the project. With various assumptions that have been spread, one of the rumors is that miHoYo has abandoned his intention to bring Genshin Impact to the Switch, due to the technical limitations of the console itself.

This is because Nintendo is reportedly preparing to drop sales. They are estimated to only sell around 20 million consoles games Switch in the current fiscal year.

The amount fell to 10% compared to the previous fiscal year. According to Nikkei Asia, the cause is a shortage of semiconductor components and disruptions in the logistics network that hampered production.

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In contrast to 2020, this figure is down by 30%. Where Nintendo Switch sales reached a peak of 28.83 million units. Meanwhile, in 2021, the forecast is down to 20%.

In addition, even though the release date in plateform Switch unconfirmed, team devedeliveryman Genshin Impact is still trying to provide an exciting gaming experience, by presenting updates in games.

miHoYo has released version 2.6, which brings a new character, Kamisato Ayato and an expansion to Liyue, namely The Chasm. Updatee this time will also complete the story of the Kamisato clan. They are a much loved family from the land of Inazuma in gamee.

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