Meranti Regency Government Will Implement Android-Based Electronic Attendance


SELATLONG – The Meranti Islands Regency Government (Pemkab) through the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development (BKPSDM) together with the Information Communications, Statistics and Encoding Service will implement Android-based electronic attendance for all State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and Non-PNS personnel through the Application-Based Government System. Electronics (SPBE).

The application of electronic attendance will begin to be carried out at the Meranti Islands Regency Joint Appeal after the joint leave of Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijriah/2022 AD on Monday (9/5/2022) at the Meranti Islands Regent’s Office Courtyard, Jalan Dorak Selatpanjang.

Electronic attendance in the SPBE application can be carried out by all PNS and Non-PNS personnel at predetermined coordinate points. As for all non-civil servants who have been asked to return to work, the registration process is being prepared so that they can be used immediately. Previously, all civil servants had tested attendance for the last few months and this application had been developed. In other words, the application of electronic attendance will be fully implemented.

SPBE Kepulauan Meranti will encourage high-performance public services starting from employee discipline control. This is the forerunner of improving the personnel management system within the Meranti Islands Regency Government. Thus, attendance data for entry and exit can be monitored and monitored by the leadership in real time, whenever and wherever.

GoRiau Plt.  Head of Communications Department,

Plt. Head of the Department of Communication, Information, Statistics and Encryption of Meranti Islands Regency, Muhlisin, (photo: special).

Smart city is a city concept that utilizes information technology to integrate all infrastructure and services from the government to citizens. The application of the smart city concept in planning a city is to realize sustainable development by improving public services by integrating several existing elements such as government, economy, quality of life, environment, human resources, and transportation.

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Plt. The Head of the Meranti Islands Regency Communication, Information, Statistics and Encryption Service, Muhlisin, said that the key to the success of smart city development in the Meranti Islands Regency is leadership commitment and collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.

“Leadership is very decisive, starting from the regent, to the Central Government. Building is not only from the government, but there are communities, operators, and others,” explained Muhlisin, Sunday (8/5/2022).

Then, said Muhlisin, the Regent of the Meranti Islands, H. Muhammad Adil, has a strong vision and commitment in realizing a smart city in the Meranti Islands Regency, this is evidenced by the elaboration of the smart city concept in the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) of the Meranti Islands Regency Government. year 2021-2026.

“The main target of Smart City is excellent public service. Smart city is not only about the internet, where collaboration of all regional devices and support from ASN and the whole community is very much needed,” he said.

Another big challenge that is no less important is smart people, because no matter how sophisticated and no matter how great a system and application, if the user is not smart, it will not be able to be utilized. Building a smart city is not a simple thing, because it must change the paradigm of society.

“If we don’t start now, when will we?” added Muhlisin.

Furthermore, said Muhlisin, the Meranti Archipelago Diskominfotik together with all existing regional officials will gradually continue to develop SPBE. Android-based Smart Absent is a real form towards the development of the SPBE.

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“Furthermore, in terms of infrastructure, in 2022, the Meranti Islands Regency Diskominfotik will build a Command Center which is a data control center for all existing OPDs. This is in order to support the Meranti Islands Regency Discominfotik as the Regional Government Data Guardian for the acceleration of the One Indonesian Data program,” he said.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of the Meranti Islands Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development (BKPSDM), Bakharudin admitted that his party had recaptured the user data of the application to be implemented.

“We have recapitulated the NIP data and honorariums who have been accepted back to work. Insha Allah, starting tomorrow they will be using online attendance together with civil servants, so honorary employees are asked to install the SPBE application on their cellphones,” he said.

Bakharudin also hopes that users of the SPBE application can be applied optimally by ASN and honorary staff within the Meranti Islands Regency Government.

“We hope that all honorary staff have used this application to be absent. So, even if for example you don’t have an Android cellphone, you can ride an Android cellphone, friends, who obviously still use their photos,” he explained.***