Live View Feature on Google Maps Help Users Not to Get Lost Again

10, Jakarta – Google Maps helps users navigate better through updates to the Live View feature. Previously, this feature was introduced by Google in 2019 in beta.

Live View is one of the features in Google Maps that serves to show detailed walking directions. The display can be seen through the camera phone.

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Reporting from T3, Google has added several additional features to Live View. Users are increasingly finding it easier to view information related to shops to restaurants.

The development was announced at the Google I/O developer conference held in early May.

The feature displays the name and information of businesses, shops, restaurants. Not only that, Live View also displays the opening and closing times in real conditions.

This Live View will also help users to decide where to go. This feature is very useful as a navigation when in an unfamiliar city for the first time.

Google Maps Live View has been updated to help users with walking. That is, the application shows directions for pedestrians.

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In addition, Live View can also show you where you are when you travel. So you can find your way back more easily.

Interestingly, Google has provided a more detailed street map covering 50 cities.

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