List of Latest Clash Royale Creator Codes, Use These Codes to Support Creators


Supercell just released Creator Codes for games Clash Royale esports. If you are a new player in Clash Royale, then Creator Codes is foreign to you. Creator Codes is a unique way to show your support for creator Favorite Supercell.

These codes can be used when making in-game purchases. This feature was introduced in 2019 and can be entered using the in-game settings section. This code is useful for giving a portion of the proceeds of in-game purchases to content creator that you support. It is the main financial aid and helps the development of the content creator.

Simply put, every time you purchase an item using this code, the content creator will receive a portion of the proceeds from your purchase. After you choose the Creator Codes that you want to use in Clash Royale, then you have to do the following steps.

Copy the generator code you want to use.

Login Clash Royale.

Go to the Shop section and scroll down.

You will see a text box where to enter Creator Codes.

Paste the code and confirm to complete the payment process.

The code above is the official property of some content creator The most famous Clash Royale. However, this code will not give you any discount or discount. You are still paying the same price. It’s just that, by using the code, you can donate to the content creators. Supercell did not reveal how many shares the will get content creators.

This feature is not only available in Clash Royale. In Fortnite for example, some content creator reports that the Creator Codes program is responsible for the majority of their revenue. If you are a content creator which has Creator Codes in Clash Royale, you have to tell your fans about it in your videos. Because, a program like this can increase your source of income and motivation at the same time.

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To be eligible for Creator Codes, you must have at least 1,000 followers/subscribers on Twitch or YouTube. If you meet these criteria, you will have to manually register for the Supercell Creators program and you will receive a code once approved.

Here are January’s latest Clash Royale Creator Codes:

Alvaro845 (alvaro845)

AmieNicole (amie)

Anikilo (anikilo)

Anon Moose (zmot)

Ark (ark)

Arttube Clash (artube)

Ash (CWA) (CWA)

Ash Brawl Stars (ashbs)

Ashtax (ashtax)

Atchiin Wu (atchiin)

Aurel COC (aurelcoc)

AuRuM TV (aurum)

Axael TV (axael)

BangSkot (bangskot)

BBok TV (bbok)

Beaker’s Lab (beak)

BenTimm1 (bt1)

BigSpin (bigspin)

Bisectatron Gaming (bisect)

B-rad (brad)

BroCast (brocast)

Bruno Clash (Brunoclash)

Captain Ben (cptnben)

CarbonFin Gaming (carbonfin)

Chicken Brawl (chicken)

Chief Pat (pat)

ChiefAvalon eSports and Gaming (chiefavalon)

Clash Bash (bash)

Clash Champs (clash champs)

Clash com Nery (nery)

Clash of Stats (cos)

Clash Royale Dicas (clashdicas)

Clash with Cory (cwc)

Clash with Eric – OneHive (eric)

ClashGames (clashgames)

Clashing Adda (adda)

ClashPlayhouse (avi)

CLASHwithSHANE (shane)

Coach Cory (Cory)

Coltonw83 (coltonw83)

Consty (consty)

CorruptYT (corrupt)

CosmicDuo (cosmo)

DarkBarbarian (wikibarbar)

DavidK (davidk)

Deck Shop (deck shop)

Decow do Canal (decow)

DrekzeNN (drekzenn)

ECHO Gaming (echo)

Elchiki (elchiki)

eVe MAXi (maxi)

Ewelina (ewe)

ferre (ferre)

FlobbyCr (flobby)

FullFrontage (fullfrontage)

Galadon Gaming (galadon)

Gaming with Noc (noc)

GaizmoSpike (gizmo)

Godson – Gaming (godson)

goulolou (goulolou)

Grax (grax)

Guzzo games (guzzo)

Hey! Brother (heybrother)

iTzu (itzu)

Jo Jonas (jojans)

Joe McDonalds (Joe)

JS GodSaveTheFish (jsgod)

Judo Sloth Gaming (judo)

JUNE (June)

KairosTime Gaming (kairos)

Kenny Jo (clashjo)

KFC Clash (kfc)

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kiokio (kio)

clus (clus)

Klaus Gaming (klaus)

Ladyb (ladyb)

Landi (landi)

Legendary (ray)

Lex (lex)

Lightpollux (lightpollux)

Luke – Brawl Stars (Luke)

Malcaide (malcaide)

MOLT (molt)

moretnroyale (morten)

MrMobilefanboy (mbf)

nana (nana)

grout (grout)

NaxivaGaming (naxiva)

nickatnyte (nyte)

IMTV noobs (noobs)

NyteOwl (owl)

Orange Juice Gaming (oj)

Ouah Leouff (ouah)

Oyun Gemisi (oyungemis)

PitBullFera (pitbullfera)

Pixel Crux (crux)

puuki (puuki)

Radical Rosh (radical)

Rey (rey)

Romain Dot Live (romain)

RoyaleAPI (royaleapi)

Rozetmen (rozetmen)

Ruusskov (ruglou)

SHELBI (shelbi)

Sidekick (sidekick)

Sir Moose Gaming (moose)

SirTagCR (sirtag)

Sitr0x Games (sitrox)

SkullCrusher Boom Beach (skullcrusher)

Sokingrcq (soking)

spAnser (spanser)

Spiuk Gaming (spiuk)

StarList (starlist)

Stats Royale (stats)

Sumit 007 (sumit007)

Surgical Globin (surgical goblin)

Suzie (Suzie)

TheGameHuntah (vomit)

Trymacs (Trymacs)

Vinho (vinho)

Well Played (cauemp)

WithZack (withzack)

Wonderbrad (wonderbrad)

yde (yde)

YoySoyRick (yosoyrick)

Zsomac (zsomac).