WLAN Signal Frequency Channel List (Wifi)


Yesterday I wrote an article List of Latest Game Ports, now it is no less important, namely discussing the list of wifi signal channels. Is it important to set the wifi channel?. Isn’t there an Auto feature in the settings? Yes, it is important, if you set it to Auto, indeed the router will use a frequency that is not busy. But in reality it is not so, in fact interference often occurs, namely frequency collisions with existing wifi signals due to the selection of the same channel.

WLAN Signal Frequency Channel List

As a result of the signal interference, it will result in inadequate bandwidth coming out of the router/access point (AP). For example, when I first played AP, I set it to Auto. After I checked it turned out that the router was using channel 1. While a lot of wifi used channel 1 as well. I set the bandwidth setting to 20Mbps (I used Mikrotik, previously I also used OpenWrt) it turns out that after I checked through the AP, it only came out about 10 Mbps. I thought, there must be something wrong with the AP or the AP has been damaged.

Because it’s impossible to damage (because it’s new), there must be something wrong with the settings. After I browsed and I asked in the facebook group, the experts said that there was interference. Must set manually to a frequency that is still empty or not busy (next time I will discuss this method in a separate article).

How to set the frequency channel?. In some APs only mention the frequency. There are also APs that directly mention channels 1 – 13. Yes, most APs only provide channels up to 11. That’s why we have to know what the frequency of these channels is.

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Oh yes, the channel I discussed above for the 2.4 GHz frequency yes. If the frequency is 5 GHz another time. Because most of the frequency used in the field is 2.4 GHz.

WLAN Hotspot Signal frequency list

Channel 1 2,412
Channel 2 2,417
Channel 3 2,422
Channel 4 2,427
Channel 5 2,432
< b>Channel 6 2,437
Channel 7 2,442
Channel 8 2,447< /td>
Channel 9 2,452
Channel 10 2,457
Channel 11

Channel 12 2,467
Channel 13 2,472
Channel 14 2,484

In the end I set it to channel 9 because in my area it is still rare to use channel 9 (each area is different, you have to know which channels are empty in your area). After I checked my wifi network, it turned out to be running normally. I set 20 Mbps yes I also receive 20 Mbps.