KPP Sends Whatsapp to Hundreds of Taxpayers, Reminds New Tax Invoice Rules


BONTANG, DDTCNews – Supervision Section I of the Tax Service Office (KPP) Pratama Bontang, East Kalimantan sent Whatsapp blast to 395 taxpayers registered in the region.

The head of the Bontang KPP Pratama Hanis Purwanto conveyed a short message sent containing an invitation to socialize the Director General of Taxes PER-03/PJ/2022 related to the latest provisions on tax invoices. Hundreds of taxpayers who have been confirmed as taxable entrepreneurs (PKP) are encouraged to take part in the online socialization.

“This activity is carried out to provide information regarding the latest tax invoice provisions that have been effective since April 1, 2022,” said Hanis as quoted by Antara tax.go.idFriday (13/5/2022).

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According to Hanis, the invitation method via Whatsapp is more effective in reaching hundreds of taxpayers in Bontang City and East Kutai Regency. Moreover, not a few PKPs whose business locations are far from the city/district economic center.

“The most important thing is that information regarding the latest tax invoice provisions is conveyed and the PKP can follow the socialization,” said Hanis.

As is known, the Director General of Taxes issued Perdirjen PER-03/PJ/2022. This regulation is the implementing guideline for the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) 18/2021. This latest Perdirjen also provides legal certainty and convenience for taxable entrepreneurs (PKP) in making and administering tax invoices.

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One of the most interesting points in this Perdirjen is the new provision regarding the upload deadline (upload) e invoicing. It is stated in this policy, e invoicing must be uploaded (on-upload) to the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) using the application e invoicing and obtain DGT approval no later than the 15th of the following month after the date of manufacture e invoicing. (sap)

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