Jealous of his wife seduced via Whatsapp messages, Security from Bondowoso Persecutes Jember residents


JATIMTIMES – Ade Priyana (25), a resident of Karang Malang Hamlet, Tegal Pasir Village, Jambesari Bondowoso District, has to deal with the Sukowono Jember Police. This was after he was burned with jealousy because he found an intimate conversation on his wife’s whatsapp with Nanang (27) a victim from the West Ragang Hamlet, Sukowono Jember District.

The man who works as Security every day is desperate to visit Nanang’s house with his grandfather, younger brother and three friends. When he met the victim, the perpetrator who had been burned by the jealous fire immediately threw a raw bomb at the victim’s chest.

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Disputes could not be avoided, until the bayonet belonging to the perpetrator who was tucked in his pants also fell. Luckily, when the incident happened, many people saw it, so the victim immediately took away the bayonet belonging to the perpetrator and handed it over to his parents. As a result of this dispute, the victim reported the case to the Sukowono Police Headquarters.

“We have secured the perpetrator at the Mapolsek, after the victim reported the case of abuse he experienced to us, with evidence of post-mortem, where the perpetrator beat the victim’s chest until he was bruised,” said Sukowono AKP Police Chief. Putu Adi Kusuma through Kanitreskrim Aipda Beny Wicaksono Monday (9/5/2022).

This incident itself occurred on Friday, May 6, 2022, where starting from the perpetrator who found an intimate chat conversation on the cellphone between the wife of the perpetrator and the victim, the perpetrator also asked his wife and was admitted.

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“So the motive of the perpetrator was jealousy because he found his wife’s intimate chat with the victim, when asked to his wife, he answered that the victim always teased him,” said Beny.

Based on the evidence of the chat, the perpetrator met with his grandfather and sister to be invited to meet the victim to confirm with the victim, not only that, the perpetrator also invited 3 of his friends to visit the victim’s house.

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“While at the victim’s house, the perpetrator was met by the victim’s parents, because at that time the victim was outside the house, when conveying his intentions, the victim was called to go home, when the victim arrived, the perpetrator immediately hit the victim with his bare hands on his chest, and at the same time the bayonet barbequed. the perpetrator who was tucked in his pants fell,” he explained.

To account for his actions, the perpetrator was charged with Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Emergency Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 12 of 1951 and or Article 351 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code where the maximum threat is 15 years in prison.