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Is Xiaomi a reliable phone brand?


Xiaomi reliable brand

Xiaomi is one of the most popular mobile brands and even though Xiaomi has many brands, it is recognized for the quality of smartphones it makes and how affordable they are. Anyway, recently some questions have arisen about the Chinese brand as if your data is safe in a Xiaomi mobile or if Xiaomi is actually a reliable mobile brand.

Is your data safe on a Xiaomi mobile?

Recently, some data has emerged indicating that Xiaomi stores the information of its users. Apparently, the Mi Browser browser, which comes pre-installed on Chinese brand mobiles, stores all the browsing data of its users, even if they use incognito mode. For its part, Xiaomi has certified MIUI and has ensured that the privacy of its users is safe.

It seems that Mi Browser did indeed store the data of its users because after the controversy with Xiaomi’s browser, it received a new privacy update. Anyway, this controversy has caused a bad image for the brand.

Xiaomi reliable mobile brand

Now, it is difficult to say that Xiaomi stores all the information of its users or if it sends it to China. However, this brand is quite close to the government of the Asian country, so it is possible that the government will ask Xiaomi for the information of its users. In any case, according to some experts, Xiaomi cannot send the data of users who are not in that country to China. In this way, it seems that Xiaomi is a reliable brand.

So, according to some experts, your data is safe on Xiaomi mobiles, since they cannot be sent to China. Even so, Xiaomi can store your data and sell it to advertisers. Remember that advertising is one of the many revenues that this brand has (as Google or Facebook do).

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You should also consider that multiple platforms and technology brands have been accused of violating the privacy of their users. Then, Xiaomi is not the only brand that has stored the information of its usersHowever, this brand has done something to clean up the bad image it has earned.