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Is Surface Review any good? Should I buy a 2 in 1 laptop?


Today’s computer technology is very developed, especially the Surface Laptop, so we will Surface review and let more people know about it. After putting it on the evaluation scale, we will know why this machine when it was first released did what to attract a large number of consumers!

Review Surface details design characteristics to performance

Let’s review Surface this super cool laptop. To see with its outstanding advantages, it can become the first choice for office work.


It can be seen that the Surface laptop is a breakthrough product line. With a slimmer and lighter design than laptops on the market, in addition, the screen border is also thin to bring elegance and sophistication. This is a product with a top-notch screen today with a very accurate touch screen that optimally supports the Surface Pen stylus.

Review Surface about design

There are also some optimal points when I review Surface that are about the keyboard. The keyboard is made of high-quality plastic that provides a very good typing experience with aesthetics. The speaker of this machine is mounted under the keyboard to help us easily adjust the sound.


The highlight that I see when reviewing Surface is the addition of LTE network connectivity that allows you to use the internet when there is no connection to wifi. But if you want to use it, you must insert a network-registered sim into the hidden sim slot below the kickstand.

Powerful performance, meet many essential tasks

Best of all, a worthwhile addition is the removable SSD, so you can easily replace or upgrade, maintain it yourself, or without having to take it to a shop. Helps you increase storage capacity as well as the ability to surf the web, handle tasks more smoothly.

This is a Surface laptop that is not so perfect for gaming, video editing as well as graphic design. In return, this laptop is very strong in speed and ability to handle work related to data entry tasks, web surfing. Full HD technology screen brings standard colors and quality sound system for great entertainment.

The battery

Possessing many advanced technologies, the usage time of this machine is extremely terrible, this laptop can operate continuously for 12 hours. And Microsoft’s Surface is also equipped with a device that supports a fast charging cord that will save charging time, very suitable for jobs that require a lot of travel instead of sitting in the office.

Outstanding battery capacity to meet usage needs

How much does the Surface cost? Is it worth using?

It can be seen that this is a high-end product line with outstanding design and performance but at a very soft price that is suitable for all experience objects. So this is a very hot product in the market when it can compete directly with the big guys like: Dell, Mack, Asus.

How much does a review surface cost?

This is a very efficient machine at an optimal price. In a time when the economy is delayed due to the epidemic, this is a product worth using for students and office workers.

Where to buy Surface laptop line to ensure quality safety?

People can go to the CellphoneS store system to shop for Surface laptop products at optimal prices. This is a place that is highly appreciated for its product quality and reputation with customers, so you can rest assured when experiencing the service here.

In general, the Surface product line is highly appreciated for the money spent. This is considered an excellent candidate for a machine with a low price segment, but the features are top-class. Can meet all your preferences, so don’t hesitate to own one to work efficiently.

Here is a summary of the information Review Surface Fast, impressive. Hopefully through the above article, you will have enough information to help your selection become more effective!

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