iPhone Vs Android Users, Which is Better?



Who is driving safer, users Android or iPhone? Believe it or not, Jerry’s recent study attempts to answer this question and the results show that Android users drive better than iPhone users.

As Jerry wrote on his blog: “Many iPhone users look down on others just because they use Android smartphones. Many iPhone users, who are younger and earn more, don’t want to date Android users, and some say they won’t even send message to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone.”

Jerry said that Android users are “more open, honest, and humble, and less concerned with luxury and social status.” And Jerry’s survey concluded that Android users also have better driving skills than iOS users.

The company analyzed the driving behavior of 20,000 drivers who have flown over 13 million kilometers, and the results show that Android users drive much better than iOS users.

Android vs iPhone users comparisonComparison of Android vs iPhone users Photo: Jerry.

Specifically, Android users scored higher and safer driving than iOS users in every category including overall driving skills, distraction, turning, braking, and acceleration. Interestingly, the other parameters did not seem to affect the results.

So, although a person’s age or social class generally affects a person’s behavior, in this study it did not change the gap between Android and iPhone users. In fact, Android users without a bachelor’s degree drive better than iPhone users with a Ph.D., as reported by Phonearena.

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