iOS Rundschau KW 18/22 with Xbox Family Settings and Many Trial and Maintenance Updates Dr. window


There have been several updates from iOS Rundschau for Mother’s Day, but only one is really the bigger one with noteworthy changes. If no 8 maintenance updates With the usual suspects and 10 beta updates. In the latter case, it is mostly caused by Office applications. A new beta version of the Xbox Family Settings app has been released to general stores after a brief testing phase.

Xbox Family SettingsVersion 20220429.220503.1

  • Select the More Info button next to a family member’s name to see their account information at a glance.
  • Review game ratings and details when reviewing content and exclusion lists for multiplayer games.
  • The new setting allows family members to view and contribute to shared content.
  • We’ve added a new loading screen that notifies you when the action continues.

Maintenance update

beta update

Microsoft EdgeVersion 102.1245.3

Microsoft OneDriveVersion 13.14.0

Microsoft Outlook – FifthVersion 4.2218.0

Microsoft OfficeVersion 2.61.1

Microsoft WordVersion 2.61.1

Microsoft ExcelVersion 2.61.1

Microsoft PowerPointVersion 2.61.1

Microsoft OneNote Version 16.61

Xbox Game TicketsVersion 2206.24.503

Xbox Family Settings Version 20220429.220503.1

In the List These are all Microsoft apps for iOS that have been checked for updates in iOS Reviews. If you want to send me notifications about app updates, you are welcome to send them to iOSRundschau(at)