If you are one of those who send personalized stickers, you will love this new feature of Gboard


Google’s keyboard would include a tool to convert text into custom stickers.

The google keyboard is found on millions of devices around the world, despite the existence of other good options, many of us have embraced it as our favorite keyboard. We even have a guide with all the secrets of it.

As they point out from Android Police, Gboard would be very close to receiving news. Google would be working on a new and curious function that would create stickers from your messages. We tell you how it works.

Gboard Google Keyboard Shortcuts

Gboard, Google’s keyboard app.

Turn your messages into stickers

This function would be quite simple and would be done intelligently. When you write a message, such as “see you soon”, the Google keyboard will be in charge of generating different stickers to choose from. In the beta they appear in the suggestion area, there is no specific section as such.

Text stickers in GBoard

Google keyboard turns text into stickers.

Not all phrases work though it does seem that stickers are created with many different sentences. Its length is not relevant, even quite long statements can get its sticker. The important thing is that the Google keyboard manages to identify the different words.

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By the way, the people at Android Police used the latest beta of Gboard, so this novelty is only found in some regions. We hope that after a trial period and some improvementsreach the standard version globally.

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