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Hurry Check! These are 3 Valberry Genshin Impact Locations


Bisnis.com, SOLO – Genshin Impact players are certainly no stranger to Valberry. This one item is used as an ingredient to make Red Dye.

In addition, Valberry is also needed to improve or develop characters, including Noelle, Rosaria, and Lisa.

Generally, players who like Serenitea Pot can collect Valberry seeds by harvesting the plant. However, of course the time required is not short.

Well, as an alternative, you can also find this Valberry in the forests of the Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point in Mondstadt.

Here are the locations to find Valberry.

1. Stormbearer Mountains

Players must use the nearest teleport waypoint while in this area to efficiently collect Valberry.

2. Stormbearer Points

At Stormbearer Point, players are advised to teleport to the nearest waypoint. Later, from one plant, players will get four Valberries.

3. NPC Chloris

You can get Valberry from NPC Chloris once every three days. The wandering character in the Windrise area of ​​Mondstadt sells five Valberries for 1,000 Mora each.

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