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HoYoverse Shows Video Game Trailer Zenless Zone Zero


Some time ago, miHoYo or HoYoverse gave a hint about their latest game entitled Zenless Zone Zero. And today (13/4), HoYoverse has just released the game’s premiere video trailer Zenless Zone Zero.

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What’s the video trailer like, let’s find out together!

Zenless Zone Zero Video Trailer

The video trailer was uploaded through the official channel Zenless Zone Zero. Through its first video trailer, HoYoversi shows the characters, fighting gameplay and themes accompanied by cool music funky.

You can see the video trailer below.

As usual, HoYoverse presents a variety of unique and interesting characters, both male and female characters. Don’t forget also the theme of the music in this game looks very funky and cool hip-hop.

About Game Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero
As usual, the character designs can attract players

Based on the official website and the video trailer, the newest miHoYo game tells of a mysterious creature named Companion Hollow that appears from an otherworldly portal in the city of New Eridu. Players will bring a group of Squads that have their unique abilities that are equipped with a wide variety of weapons.

Based on what I saw from the video trailer, the game made by Genshin Impact developer will take the RPG action gameplay genre. It is not yet known whether this game will become a game open world as Genshin Impact or even have many variations of gameplay like Honkai Impact 3rd.

My guess is this game looks more like Honkai Impact 3rd because the gameplay video shows the character facing the enemy like in a battle area. However, it is possible that this game will become open world. With cool themes and great music funkyI just remembered the game Scarlet Nexus when I saw this video trailer.

Zenless Zone Zero game
The newest game from HoYoverse with music funky and also hip-hop is cool

That’s information about video game trailers Zenless Zone Zero which was just released by miHoYo/HoYoverse. For now, there is no information about when this game will be released or the platform. So I can’t wait to try this game when it’s released or I get the chance to try the beta tester.

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