How to watch multiple Twitch streams at the same time


How to watch multiple Twitch streams at the same time on PC

Tired of watching your favorite streamers in different tabs? If your answer is “Yes”, this trick that we show you here will allow you to visualize them all together in the same tab.

Thanks to a website called Multi Twitch, you can see up to 4 streamers at the same time and in the same tab, that is, you can see the gamer rat and other content creators. The best of all is that you do not need to download a program on your computeror that you install different browsers, because this website has the ability to integrate several directors at the same time.

How to watch multiple Twitch streams at the same time?

It is necessary to mention that this trick does not work on mobile devices, why? because the website Multi Twitch consumes a lot of RAMsomething that in phones could cause the occasional performance problem.

Without further ado, here’s how to pull off this trick:

  • Open the browser you use on your computer (we recommend using Google Chrome). Once inside it, you will have to write the following web address: “”.
  • When you have already put this address, you will have to add the name of the Twitch streamers you want to watch at the same timefor example: “”. Having written the URL correctly, you must give the “Enter” of your keyboard.
  • In a matter of seconds, this web page will load all the streams in a single tab.
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Until now, You can only watch up to 4 Twitch streamers at the same time weather. From Multi Twitch they have announced that they plan to increase this limit, although for now they have not reported when this functionality will be activated.

On the other hand, we take advantage of this topic to inform you that there is another trick with which you can listen to Twitch in the background from your Android mobile, it is simple to do, Do not miss it!




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