How to watch IPTV channels on the Chromecast


How to watch IPTV channels on Chromecast

Although TV Boxes with built-in Android TV have already become the best devices to make TVs smarter, there are still many people who have a classic in their homes Chromecast that only allows to reproduce the content that is sent from the mobile. The only bad thing about these devices is that you cannot install applications to watch free TV directly on your television.

Luckily, nothing is impossible in this life, much less watch IPTV channels on Chromecast. There is a very simple way to transmit the content of lists IPTV to your Chromecast from a smartphone. Don’t you believe us? We’ll show it to you right away.

How to watch IPTV channels on the Chromecast

watch iptv on chromecast with vlc

The only thing you need to watch IPTV channels on your Chromecast is a application that reproduces IPTV lists and that allows them to be sent to a Chromecast. There are many that do it, but for this tutorial we will use VLC because it is free, open source and very simple. Install it on your mobile to get started.

VLC for Android

‎VLC for Mobile

oh! You will also need an IPTV list. If you don’t have one, we recommend using one of these two, which are free and legal: list and TDTChannels lists. You already have everything you need? Then start watching IPTV channels on your Chromecast by following these steps:

  • Copy IPTV list address with the channels you want to play.
  • open the app VLC on your phone.
  • Go to the section Plus (it’s in the bottom right corner).
  • Press the button + (says “New Flow”).
  • Tap the add list icon and tap it to play it.
  • Once it’s playing, click the Chromecast icon which is at the top.
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Ready! This will start the playback of IPTV channels on your Chromecast. You can change the channel on your mobile by pressing the «← →» that appear in the playback control.

By the way, if you have the IPTV channels downloaded as M3U or M3U8 filesyou just have to select them from VLC (by going to Explore > Storage) and send them to your Chromecast as we explained before.

Use this alternative to see all IPTV channels in a list

watch iptv on chromecast with iptv core

With VLC, watching IPTV channels on Chromecast is quite easy and fast. However, this player has a problem: it does not let you see the list of IPTV channels that you are playing. Fortunately, there is an IPTV list player that does show you the list of channels so you can choose the one you want to watch. It is the IPTV app created by Alexander Sofronov.

This player has a free version and a paid version. The free one has the peculiarity that you must install two apps to use it: IPTV Core (the core of the player) and IPTV Core Launcher (the app that will allow you to watch IPTV channels). In contrast, the paid version that costs €2.99 only requires one installation. You choose the one you prefer.


IPTV Core Launcher


If you are going to use the free one, these are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, install IPTV Core.
  • Then install IPTV Core Launcher.
  • Now open the IPTV Core Launcher app.
  • Paste the channel list in the only text input that the app shows and tap on Start.
  • That’s it! so you will see the complete list of channels which has the IPTV list.
  • Select the channel you want to send to your TV and then tap the Chromecast icon that comes up
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In this way, you will be able to watch free DTT on Chromecast, as well as any IPTV channel you want. We hope that this tutorial has been useful to you and, if you had any problem following it, do not hesitate to tell us about it so that we can help you.


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