How To View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android

How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
How to View Youtube Without Ads on the Latest Android – Youtube is one of the entertainment platforms that people love today. There, you can easily search for any video you like, from news, tutorials, music, games, movies and more. It doesn’t even stop there, you can also become a famous figure and depend on Youtube for your life, earn a lot of money and be known throughout the world, as long as you can make good videos that are liked by viewers who visit your channel.
Youtube can be accessed for free by anyone, either through a website or application, whether from a computer or smartphone, from Android or iOS. Even though it’s free, it doesn’t mean that Youtube or the creators who join Youtube don’t earn. That is wrong. Apart from endorsements or paid promote content, it’s no longer a secret that you can earn a lot of money from Google AdSense ads that often appear at the beginning of a video, in the middle or at the end of a Youtube video.
Some people may not mind if the video they are viewing is paused for a few seconds because of the ad. That’s to help the channel owner too. However, if the ad appears continuously once every one minute while the video you are watching is having fun, after a while it must be annoying right? For that, if you want to watch Youtube videos without any ads appearing on your Android phone, check out the following short tutorial.

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How to View Youtube Without Ads on Android and Activate the Latest Youtube Premium Features for Free (No Root)

Here’s how you can follow if you want to watch Youtube videos on Android without any ads appearing. Introducing, Youtube Vanced. This application is arguably a Youtube application that has been modified in such a way that it feels like using the Youtube Premium application

With Youtube Vanced, you can view Youtube videos without ads safely and conveniently. In addition, you can also play Youtube videos when the phone screen is off. This will be very useful when you are listening to music or podcasts that you may not need to watch the video, as long as the sound is heard.

One ​​more feature that you will get when using Youtube Vanced is the Picture-In-Picture mode which allows you to open other applications while watching Youtube videos. Just like WhatsApp and Facebook, if you play a Youtube video from the Android application and then press the home button or exit the application, with this Picture-In-Picture mode the video you are watching will not pause but remains active in the background and transforms into a small box that shows the Youtube video you watched. Interesting right?
Actually there are other features that have not been mentioned from Youtube Vanced. However, for everyday use, maybe the three main features above are what you want all this time.
This tutorial on how to view Youtube without ads on Android is very easy to put into practice. You don’t need to root or install Magisk or Xposed to install Youtube Vanced. You also don’t need to delete the original Youtube application on your Android smartphone because these two applications have different package names ( and
The complete tutorial on installing Youtube Premium for free, see the steps below.
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  • First, download the Vanced Manager application here then install it on your Android smartphone
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How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
  • Open the Vanced Manager app
  • In the menu tab on the top left, select the “nonroot” button. This is very important for both unrooted smartphones and even rooted phones. Vanced Manager provides two YouTube Vanced installation options, namely by using the root or nonroot method. For the root method, the method is a bit complicated and not all Android smartphones successfully use this method because users are required to turn off the Signature Verification feature using third-party applications such as Lucky Patcher and are prone to errors when installing unsigned applications so that the nonroot method is considered safer without any problems when performing installation
  • Press the Install button on the MicroG application to perform the installation. This MicroG application is needed only as a support. After MicroG is downloaded, press the install button in the dialog box that appears
How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
  • After the MicroG is installed, press the install button on the Youtube Vanced application to install
  • In the installation menu that appears, you can choose the theme of the Youtube Vanced application, including Light & Dark or Light & Black. After that select the Next button
  • In the next menu you can select the language for the Youtube Vanced application. This language affects the Youtube Vanced videos that will come out on your cellphone, including the Trending videos that will also follow according to the language you choose. If you are confused about choosing a language, you can choose Indonesian only. After that select the Finish button
  • After Youtube Vanced is downloaded, press the install button in the dialog box that appears
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How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
  • Check in the application list whether Youtube Vanced has appeared or not
  • If Youtube Vanced is already in your Android phone application list, then the installation is complete and you can enjoy Youtube videos without any ads appearing
How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
View Youtube Vanced videos without Google Adsense ads :
How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
YouTube video display Vanced mode Picture-In-Picture :
How to View Youtube Without Ads On Latest Android
So that’s the easiest tutorial you can do to view Youtube videos without ads while activating the latest Youtube Premium feature on your favorite Android smartphone. With this Youtube Vanced application you don’t need to skip ads anymore which is sometimes annoying if you have to press the skip button continuously every minute. If you usually watch Youtube videos while being emotional, now you can be happy while drinking coffee.
Fill in the comments below if something is unclear or you want to ask something. Don’t hesitate to request any Android tutorials if you need them. Finally, share this article if you think it is useful for others. Thank you.
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